Cult Of The Dragon
Organization Type Arcane Cult
Leader(s) Sammaster, The Wearers of Purple
Founded 902 DR
Membership Unknown
Allies Evil dragons, undead dragons
Enemies Harpers, Followers of Mystra
Status Active

Cult Of The Dragon

The sturdy folk of the Dales have little truck with evil cults and won't stand for any such organization in their borders. The Cult of the Dragon has found that there is little it can do in the Dales. Although the region has been marked for subjugation and punishment in the future, the Cult seemingly does not currently have the means of following through on its threats.

While the Cult has a limited influence on the Dales directly, it does wield substantial power over the entire area in the form of the dragons and dracoliches who lair in the mountains to the west and north of the Dales. Adventurers who challenge the dragons are often based in the Dalelands. More than once, the Cult's vengeful agents have pursued adventurers into the heart of the Dalelands and attacked them there.

It is speculated by some that in 1373 DR, the Cult of the Dragon was behind the theft of Thraxata's, the red dragon, egg.

They are most famous in Battledale, historically, for it was one of the Cult's mages who led the attack on King Aencar, summoning a dracolich at a feast in order to slay the king.