Companions Of The Scarlet Bishop
Aliases The Companions, Scarlet Bishops, Red Bishops
Organization Type Adventuring Company
Leader(s) Baranya Hawall
Founded 1373 DR
Disbanded Early Kythorn of 1374 DR
Base of Operations Hap, Battledale
Membership Small
Allies Red Fellowship, Order of the Red Falcon
Enemies Zhentarim, Silver Ravens (in theory)
Status Disbanded

Companions Of The Scarlet Bishop

An adventuring company with a code and, some say, a semi-religious mandate due to their clerical leadership, the Companions were a small group with decidedly lawful aims and a chivalric ideal. They believed in keeping the Dalelands independent and free of unwanted and detrimental foreign, criminal, and monstrous influences.

Ostensibly founded by Baranya Hawall, a priestess of the Red Knight, the Companions were often described by others as a reaction to the perceived lawlessness of the Knights of Saint Ambrose - a similar adventuring company led by a priest of Tempus - of which Baranya herself was once a member.

In Tarsakh of 1374 DR, the Companions of the Scarlet Bishop captured the Featherdarran bandit lord, the Red Wolf.

In Kythorn of 1374 DR, the Companions of the Scarlet Bishop informally dissolved.

The Companions and the Knights of Saint Ambrose seemed to be at odds, but to exactly what degree was uncertain to outsiders. They were known for their reservations about Sir Johann d'Edoras and their support of Ilmeth Wyvernblade.