Clan Auzkovyn
Aliases Unknown
Organization Type Nomadic
Leader(s) Unknown
Founded Unknown
Base of Operations Cormanthor
Membership Presumed Large
Allies Unknown
Enemies Lolth-worshipers, surface elves
Status Active

Clan Auzkovyn

About two hundred years ago, the Auzkovyn clan (so called after the long-dead founder of their clan) carved out a small fastness in the heart of the High Forest, determined to forge a surface homeland despite the wealth of enemies present in that location. While the Auzkovyn wore away their strength in constant warfare, the wood elves of the High Forest - never proponents of the Elven Retreat - grew stronger and more vigorous. The surface drow of the High Forest recognized the growing strength of the wood elves and realized that they had little but incessant warfare to look forward to.

After long and secret effort, the High Forest drow somehow made their way to Cormanthor - finding the Abbey of the Sword in their way. Although the Tempus-worshipers deflected the Auzkovyn assault, the rest of the High Forest drow quickly forged a way to join their vanguard in the forests north of Battledale, and they have remained in the forests since.

The Auzkovyn feel most comfortable as woodland nomads. At various times, they range in large or small groups over nearly the whole of Cormanthor, setting up temporary camps on the ground, in the treetops, and sometimes in cave entrances that may lead to upper Underdark passages.

Most of the Auzkovyn drow offer sacrifices to Vhaeraun, even if not all might worship him as their patron deity. The Auzkovyn are often practical by necessity, and are sometimes willing to work with elves and half-elves, which may work to their advantage in the long run. The Auzkovyn drow seem to have some sort of peace with the other drow of the forest, but it is difficult to gauge the true extent of their relationship.