Circle Of The Southern Dales
Aliases The Circle
Organization Type Religious (Druidic)
Leader(s) Mirrinda Miritar (Until 1374)
Founded 1373 DR
Base of Operations The Secluded Grove
Membership Small
Enemies Drow
Status Inactive

Circle Of The Southern Dales

A small band of like-minded druids and rangers, primarily of elven heritage, who claim a portion of Cormanthor under their protection.

Formed in the act of a spoken claim by Syn'lel Siamara and Mirrinda Miritar that they would protect the long-abandoned Secluded Grove, the Circle's existence was first recognized by the grove's resident fey, called The Saileach, in late 1373 DR.

Since its inception, the circle of two expanded to three following a confrontation with the mystic Lorcyon, that was mediated away from outright conflict by Corym - then seemingly contracted to include only Mirrinda with the disappearance of Lorcyon and Syn'lel in early 1374. By the second quarter of 1374, a new member - Julie Ashby - had entered the circle - but she vanished as quickly as she arrived, leaving Mirrinda once again the only member.

The grove itself was hallowed by Mirrinda in early 1374, a fact readily apparent to any of the faithful of the nature gods named by her in the ritual (Silvanus, Rillifane Rallathil, Angharradh, Mielikki, The Primordial Elements, and Selune)

Towards the end of Spring, 1374 the Secluded Grove fell back into misuse - the members of the Circle seeming to have migrated north, to the Elder Grove of Cormanthor.

The Circle, as yet, has no formal relationships with any other groups - but remains cordial and open to such on the whole.

Mirrinda seems to seek additional members for the circle amongst the druids of the various fey and magical or monstrous animal/humanoid populations she encounters in Cormanthor during her travels.

Local rangers, Amyvain Melin and Soluafin, as well as the elf Corym and the human adventurer Ailis Clyne are counted amongst the allies of the Circle.