Circle Of The Elder Grove
Organization Type Religious (Druidic)
Leader(s) The Grand Druid of Cormanthor (Mirrinda Miritar) as of 1374 DR
Founded Ancient Times
Base of Operations The Elder Grove
Membership ~10
Allies The Dales, The Elves of Cormanthor
Enemies House Jaelre, Clan Auzkovyn
Status Active

Circle Of The Elder Grove

The Circle is said to have existed, in one form or another, since the earliest times of the great forest of Arcorar. Precise details of its founding and early history are largely lost to the depths of time, since Druids are not scrupulous in their maintenance of written histories - but the evidence is there, in the form of ancient monuments and meeting places dotted throughout Cormanthor - many of which are still used.

The Elder Grove nestled between the Halfaxe Trail and ruins of Tangled Trees to the east, the Vale of Lost Voices and Rauthauvyr's Road to the north and west, and Battledale to the South, is held to be the seat of their power (such as it is).

Until 1374DR, the Grove seemed to have fallen largely into inactivity, perhaps as a result of the rumoured death of its Great Druid at the hands of the Drow, and the decline in its elven membership during The Retreat. Spring of that year however, saw a flurry of activity with a gathering of Druids and Rangers from all over Cormanthor leading to the renewal of the Circle, and the election of a new Great Druid, Mirrinda Miritar of Deepingdale.

The first action of the new Grand Druid was to dispatch a mission to investigate the ruins of Tangled Trees, an Elven settlement reported destroyed by dragon fire in 1373, to find survivors and if possible offer them aid.

Rangers Kaennus Ghenwul, Diero Falcone and the Druid Nikolaz Maccon braved the ruins, only to find that since the destruction of Tangled Trees, the green dragon Xalathros the Twisted had come to reside there, working strange and corrupting magics in the woods.

The party was able to escape with the aid of a strange Wizard, and bring word back to the Circle. The Grand Druid promptly spread the warning of this new threat to nearby Essembra and a further mission was dispatched into the ruins, including the Sun-Elf wizard Ayowindhe Mirrenwe, who was rumoured to have some sort of personal history with the green wyrm.

Subsequent to Xalathros's attack on Essembra, the members of the Circle worked extensively to deliver supplies to relieve the quarantined town, gather allies to fight the wyrm, and later joined in the attack on it in its lair.

Stewards of the Cormanthor and maintainers of the balance, the Circle are held to be enemies to those that threaten the woodlands, and friends to all those that care for, and seek peaceful co-existence with nature.