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If we want this wiki to prosper and succeed (as in, actually be used!), it needs a solid foundation: Please contribute to more than just your characters' articles. A lot of the info has yet to diverge from canon, so in some cases it takes as little as copy+pasting from a PDF!

What This Is

Cormanthor Wiki (CormWiki) is intended to be a guide to In-Character information and setting reference for players. Much of the information here will be adapted from existing published material to reflect that PCs are not all-knowing, and will serve to provide a starting point for newcomers or a reminder of what is and isn't common knowledge to FR old hands.

To Do

  • Factions & Groups entries need creating and populating
  • Geography entries need creating and populating
  • Deities need completing - note that some editing is required from PDF content to remove OOC/DM info
  • Historical events need creating and filling out
  • PC template needs to be finalised so people can add their chars!
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