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If we want this wiki to prosper and succeed (as in, actually be used!), it needs a solid foundation: Please contribute to more than just your characters' articles. A lot of the info has yet to diverge from canon, so in some cases it takes as little as copy+pasting from a PDF!

What This Is

Cormanthor Wiki (CormWiki) is intended to be a guide to In-Character information and setting reference for players. Much of the information here will be adapted from existing published material to reflect that PCs are not all-knowing, and will serve to provide a starting point for newcomers or a reminder of what is and isn't common knowledge to FR old hands.

You don't have to register to start editing, but it'd be nice if you did for the purposes of accountability when it comes to editing.

To Do

  • Factions & Groups entries need creating and populating
  • Geography entries need creating and populating
  • Deities need completing - note that some editing is required from PDF content to remove OOC/DM info
  • Historical events need creating and filling out
  • PC template needs to be finalised so people can add their chars!
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