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-<WRAP tip 300px column>\\  +<grid
-//**[[/help/main|Read this before doing anything!]]**//</WRAP>+<col xs="​12"​ sm="​4"​ md="​4"><​panel type="​success">​**[[/manual/|Technical Manual]]**</​panel></​col>​ 
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​4"​ md="​4"><​panel type="​success">​**[[/characters/|Player Characters]]**</panel><​/col> 
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​4"​ md="​4"><​panel type="​success">​**[[/dungeons/​|Dungeons]]**</​panel></​col>​ 
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​4"​ md="​4"><​panel type="​success">​**[[/​events/​|Historic & Recent Events]]**</​panel></​col>​ 
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​4"​ md="​4"><​panel type="​success">​**[[/​geography/​|Geography & Places]]**</​panel></​col>​ 
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​4"​ md="​4"><​panel type="​success">​**[[/​organizations/​|Groups & Factions]]**</​panel></​col>​ 
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​4"​ md="​4"><​panel type="​success">​**[[/​people/​|Canon & Custom NPCs]]**</​panel></​col>​ 
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​4"​ md="​4"><​panel type="​success">​**[[/​deities/​|Deities,​ Faiths & Religious Orders]]**</​panel></​col>​ 
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​4"​ md="​4"><​panel type="​success">​**[[/​races/​|Races & Cultures]]**</​panel></​col>​ 
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​8"​ md="​7">​ 
 +===== What This Is ===== 
 +Cormanthor Wiki (CormWiki) is intended to be a guide for players to help with creating setting-appropriate characters, finding useful locations and factions, present and discover IC gossip, and technical information about our systems. Our setting information is based on 3rd Edition Forgotten Realms lore, however we have moved beyond 1372 DR and some of our setting is customised based on in-game events over the years we have been running - these changes will be detailed in the wiki where appropriate. 
 +You can create an article about your character((You must register on the wiki to do this.)), including common knowledge about them and any rumours that may have begun to circulate about them. These articles should be mostly IC, but you are encouraged to link to any stories posted on the forum related to them. 
 +Everyone is welcome to edit various parts of the wiki - especially currently empty pages - and are not limited to your character profile page. We welcome players joining in helping us create and improve this wiki as a resource for everyone! 
 +<col xs="​12"​ sm="​4"​ md="​5">​{{ ​ :​illustration_spies.jpg?​nolink}}</​col>​ 
 +<callout type="​warning">​[[/​wiki/​help|Please read this guide and familiarize yourself with the namespaces and syntax before editing/​creating pages!]]</​callout>​ 
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