The Silent Chapel
Type Place of Worship
Region Mistledale
Status Abandoned,
Access Prohibited by Mistran Law
Organizations Unknown

The Silent Chapel

West of Ashabenford, between that town and Peldan's Helm, is a broad swathe of farmland peppered with smallholdings. A way off the road and down a disused path, lies a lumpy open meadow dressed with tattered flags, crumbling statues, and the remains of a lonely stone building. From the ruins grows a tall oak tree, its leaves red like blood, which looks well established as if it has been here many decades, however, locals claim that until Marpenoth 1377DR the chapel was intact.

Prior to its destruction, chapel door was often boarded up by patrolmen of the Riders of Mistledale in an effort to deter meddlers, treasure-seekers, and dark cultists from making use of the mysterious chapel.

Once a small chapel to a now-deceased god, the congregation has long since abandoned worship there.

Mistran folk are disinclined to speak about the place and what they know of it, and discourage travelers from stopping near there.

In Marpenoth 1374 DR, Mistledale suffered a rise in undead activity1) - nearby Peldan's Helm being particularly hard hit. A wandering Kelemvorite priest known as Balthus the Grey claimed that the chapel was the epicenter of this rising and recruited a number of adventurers to assist him in putting it down. Balthus and his adventurer allies were successful, but the priest ultimately perished in the battle. While he was, for a time, a wanted criminal in Mistledale with a bounty on his head, Balthus the Grey was offered a posthumous pardon by the church of Tyr in Ashabenford.

In Marpenoth 1377 DR, the Silvanite druid Lerin led a band of adventurers including; the mighty bear known as Toko, the famed dwarf warrior Shug Hammerfell, the gold dwarf Kor, knight of the Forest Queen Lyssariel Veste, the elf-warrior Viren, and the gnomish mage Priam Rivenstone into the chapel2). Rumour had it that Lerin aimed to perform a druidic ritual to destroy the chapel and return it to nature and that this had been his goal for several years now. Ultimately, whatever ritual he performed worked - the chapel was utterly destroyed and a great oak tree and many decades of wild growth took over the ruin when he was done. However, the breaking of the chapel's stones seems to have opened up yet more secrets beneath the mysterious chapel that remain to be explored.