Major Roads & Trails

Several roads are used throughout the Dales, from highways to woodland trails.

A little used road that travels between Ashabenford and Essembra. Travelers are advised to avoid it, for it plunges into the heart of the Vale of Lost Voices, and even it's less haunted stretches are plagued by monsters and bandits alike.

The Halfaxe Trail runs north-west from Harrowdale through the former elven court, it stops abruptly a few miles short of reaching the Standing Stone.

An early lord of Harrowdale, in the days of the Blacksails (pirates), grew weary of losing trade outside his harbors, and resolved to strengthen the importance and wealth of his dale by linking up with the overland road from the Moonsea south to Cormyr and the Inner Sea. His chief obstacle in this goal was the Cormanthor.

Despite the elves' claim and against the Dales Compact, Lord Halvan the Dark hired a dwarven engineer, Durl Halfaxe, to cut him a road to the trade road. Begun in the 1180s DR, Halfaxe Trail was the work of the dwarf and an army of men; they burned and cut a mile-wide slash through the trees to guard against elven ambushes. The elves raised an army, but were overmatched by men's weapons and stronger magic, and the Trail was put through.

Greedily, Halfaxe commanded his men to cut on, into the forest west of the road where he knew the ruins of Myth Drannor lay. There he foresaw unearthing riches to keep him all his days. The elves raised up old and powerful magic slumbering in the ruins and slew the engineer utterly. Not a man or dwarf returned to the party, nor were there bodies to send back.

The road - neglected and perhaps adulterated by elves - became overgrown until it was but a footpath, and was close-guarded by the elves; Still, it was surprisingly well-used, for the elves were wise traders and not unfriendly to men. With the retreat of the elves from Faerun, the trail has become a frequent spot of ambush by drow.

The Moonsea Ride is a high-banked dirt and gravel road that runs along the spine or center of all of Mistledale, running from the Thunder Peaks, through Ashabenford, all the way to the Standing Stone. The other major roads in Mistledale meet the Ride in Ashabenford, including the little used Dark Road. The Moonsea Ride passes by many settlements, including Peldan's Helm, Sharin Freehold, and Glen.

A major road in the Dales, Rauthauvyr's Road spans from the distant Sembian city of Selgaunt, through Blackfeather Bridge and Essembra, all the way to the Standing Stone.

It was built by the founder of Sembia, Rauthauvyr the Raven in approximately 885 DR. The elves of the forest supposedly forced the route to within sight of the Standing Stone to illustrate that one need not use force to gain their co-operation.