Ruler Heresk Malorn
Government Council
Religions Chauntea
Population 30,000
Races Humans 87%
Dwarves 5%
Gnomes 3%
Other 4%
Imports Oil, Ore, Textile
Exports Ale, Grain, Vegetables
Inhabited Yes
Organizations Riders of Mistledale
Order of the Heavenly Horn


A land of dense forest and golden fields alike, Mistledale is a bountiful and peaceful land often called the luckiest dale. It is lucky in many respects, indeed, being well-placed so that other dales buffer it against the advances of hostile powers, and is bisected by a major trade route - the Moonsea Ride. The great swathes of agricultural land in Mistledale were created not by logging, but by, as local legend tells, a falling star that scoured and scorched a great deal of forest away. By the time humanity made its way to the Cormanthor forest, this broken landscape had recovered into rich and fertile farmland that is much envied by other dales and nations alike. No other dale has so many herd animals nor grows so much produce as Mistledale, though Battledale would claim to rival this.

Mistledale's good fortune is not simply happenstance, however. It remains safe and secured not least by the efforts of its legendary black-armoured Riders of Mistledale. A formidable force of scouts and soldiers, the Riders are an elite military force tasked with defending Mistran folk and their lands from any foe. During Lashan of Scardale's attempted conquest of the Dales, the Riders of Mistledale provided a bulk of the force in the Dales alliance that liberated the town of Essembra and drove Scardale's army out of Battledale completely. In recent years, however, the Riders have spent much of their efforts seeing off drow raids and bandit incursions across farmsteads and the Moonsea Ride alike.

Though Mistledale is littered with villages, hamlets, and farmsteads, the primary township is Ashabenford, where the dale's Council of Six and the Riders make their base. Several small trading costers base themselves out of Ashabenford, though most trade in the dale is in exports of food and drink, and imports of more luxury items. Chauntea's faith is highly popular in this dale, with a large abbey dedicated to her worship - the Abbey of the Golden Sheaf - within Mistledale's borders. Mistledale also boasts a dwarven settlement called Glen, among other non-human Dalesfolk.

Mistledale's people - Mistrans as they like to be called - are good and honest people who tend to be friendly with strangers, though they can be guarded in their manner due to the prevalence of foreign banditry on the Moonsea Ride. In general, Mistrans respect good order, honesty, and integrity, and they do not tolerate the bending or breaking of their laws.

Mistledale is loosely ruled over by a council of the wealthiest merchants in the Dale, six of them make up the Council of Six and a seventh acts as the High Councillor.

Adventurers, drow

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Main Article: Ashabenford

Ashabenford is the largest town in Mistledale, the market center for its widespread farmers, and as generally as pleasant a place as anyone could hope to visit until 1373 DR, when the drow began a campaign of fast raids and skirmishes to weaken the Mistran folk. The cottages and homes along the east bank of the River Ashaba weren't built for defense – and the Riders of Mistledale find themselves facing a tremendous challenge in protecting the town.


A community of “red-cheekd and jolly” dwarves, Glen is a hamlet of stone-and-thatch cottages nestled in a small gorge resembling a valley. Glen is home to many dwarves who are masters of farming on platforms held up on poles, tubs and cellars, and is renowned for the mushrooms it produces. It is also home to the only mine in Mistledale: the Deep Mine, though the dwarves rarely let outsiders delve within.

Peldan's Helm

A tiny hunters' settlement that stands on the edge of the Beast Country on Mistledale's western border, Peldan's Helm was built around the freehold of a retired Cormyrean soldier, Peldan Faern. The residents are generally wary of outsiders, but many game hunters stop by this hamlet to track magnificent prizes… with some ending up as prey, themselves.

Elven Crossing

This settlement of a little over a hundred folk shelters in the trees on the edge of the Cormanthor where Mistledale ends and the River Ashaba emerges from the forest in its run down from Shadowdale. The Mistle Trail passes through Elven Crossing, which, as its name suggests, is where elves like to cross the river. Largely populated by elves who did not heed the call of the Retreat, some humans have also come to live here, and half-elven offspring begins to emerge from this treetop village.


Mistlebrook was once lorded by the late Lord Blaastein, who provided wealth and protection to the small village. Though long dead and without a heir, the foundations laid by Blaastein helped Mistlebrook form into a strong and independent community that is more than capable of looking after itself. Blaastein's keep stands desolate on the road between Mistlebrook and Mistletarn. Though it is usually left alone, it is occasionally used by the two villages for large gatherings.


Like Mistlebrook, in decades past Mistletarn was lorded over by the wealthy Lord Blaastein. Since his passing nearly forty years ago, Mistletarn had seen a steady decline in their wealth and produce: Without the care of the late lord, Mistletarn found itself nearly unable to overcome difficult winters or drought. Many of Mistletarn's residents envy their more successful neighbors, and relations between the two hamlets begin to sour over the petty crimes (such as cattle theft) committed by the residents of Mistletarn. A recent murder spree committed by one of Mistletarn's villagers in Mistlebrook threatens to turn relations between the villages to open hostility. A sage wizard, Heliott, makes his home here.

Abbey of the Golden Sheaf

Oakengrove Abbey

Main Article: Oakengrove Abbey

The Barrowfield

This line of low, grass-dirt mounds is about 30 miles south and east of Peldan's Helm in the dangerous Beast Country of western Mistledale. Mistrans shun the mist-shrouded hills, believing them to be haunted by the nameless dead buried here. It is commonly known in the Dale that the hills are tombs, haunted by skeletons and ghostly dead.

Beast Country

Western Mistledale is a dangerous place. Known as the 'Beast Country' for the numerous monsters and brigands that plague the region's many abandoned freeholds, folk have never heavily settled the region. Even all the mercenaries Mistledale's gold can buy have not been able to clear the land of the monsters, who seem to breed and prowl faster than they can be slain.

Galath's Roost

A ruined keep said to have once been the hold of a bandit lord named Galath. It is claimed to be haunted.

Sharin Freehold

Sharin Freehold is a large, prosperous farm located in the eastern lands of Mistledale, Not far from Swords Creek. The owner of the farm, Ulwen Sharin is a currently sitting member of Mistledales 'Council of Six' and well-respected by the Mistran people, due to her open-mindedness and generosity. Her farm is noted for its elaborate irrigation system, and progressive livestock breeding programs.

The Riders of Mistledale, supplemented by Ashabenford militia patrol this area quite regularly to ensure vandalism and banditry are discouraged (As in the past attempts have been made by other dales and Sembian cartels to damage the crops, and therefore drive up prices elsewhere).

Sword Creek

Though unimpressive to view, this tiny, muddy creek is an important landmark to all Mistrans. This creek's intersection with the Moonsea Ride is where, throughout the years, the folk of the Dale have traditionally taken their stands to repel invaders, such as Zhentilar soldiers. It is on this field that Tempus himself once appeared to claim the former Captain of Mistledale's Riders, Baergil, who sacrificed himself in battle.