Ruler None
Government Democracy
Religions Lathander
Population 15,000
Races Humans 84%
Halflings 11%
Half elves 2%
Gnomes 2%
Imports Armor, fine manufactured goods, weapons, oil
Exports Cheese, corn, grains, salted meat, vegetables
Inhabited Yes
Organizations Church of Lathander
Church of Cyric (rumored)


Often derided by Sembians and forgotten by many, Featherdale doesn't have the same grand landscapes as other dales, nor the valuable trade or central leadership that others boast. It is a simple land of herders and pastures, with villages and farmsteads dotting the landscape, though it has survived the predations of Scardale and Sembia alike thus far. Featherdale is usually regarded as a sleepy backwater that offers little to adventurers except a pleasant retirement on a small farmstead.

Seasonal markets are the only real action the dale sees in terms of trade and society, as much of the dale's small communities remain mostly self-sufficient. Only the riverfolk are contrary to this, and farmers consider them scoundrels for the most part. However, while the riverfolk enjoy gambling and rowdy songs, they are much more accommodating to travelers in terms of practical needs.

The Featherdarrans are generally an easy-going lot who are renowned for their common sense and “live and let live” attitudes. They respect each other and tend to their own troubles within their own small communities - of which they are fiercely protective. They do, however, care for their lands above all else. Indeed, many of the dale's residents are, or are the descendants of, retired adventurers who look to the dale for a quiet life, though they are quite prepared to pick up weapons and muster a band of hardy laborers to chase down any immediate threat.

The dale has suffered both drow raids and banditry just as any other dale, but more pressing as of 1372 DR is the rising frequency in which bands of Sembian or Scardarran adventurers (or worse - soldiers), aiming to carve a piece of the dale out for themselves or their employers, appear. That the dale remains independent is a testament to the strength of character of its folk, just as much as it is a testament to its luck.

Blackfeather Bridge

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Named after the black-painted bridge that arches over the Ashaba in the center of town, what was once the tense border with Sembia has prospered to a rapidly growing community that thrives on the wealth of passing merchants. Marking both the western end of Featherdale and the busiest bottleneck in the Dragon Reach lands, Blackfeather Bridge is a place many, many folk pass through on their way to somewhere else. Featherdarrans know that followers of Cyric often make pilgrimage to this bridge, where their deity has reputedly slain the deity Leira, and make sure to keep an eye open for any auspicious sacrifices that may take place in their town.

Feather Falls

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Wright's Ferry

A tiny hamlet home to about 30 folk, this settlement is little more than a ferry, a tavern and a whole lot of pig farm. The Albottle brothers are willing to ferry any traveler with the coin to pay the toll across the Ashaba, and is the only crossing for miles in each direction. Wright's Ferry is also home to the strange Chessmen of Valsprendar.

Mistfall House

This formerly splendid temple to Leira, the Lady of the Mists, now stands empty and abandoned at the head of Feather Falls. Its lower rooms are always damp thanks to the river rushing past, and its cellars are reputedly still roamed by monsters despite several attempts to clean the place out. Of those who ventured within come reports of tunnels that lead deep underground, presumably carved by the Leirans themselves. These underground tunnels might well explain the wealth that the veiled priests of this temple always had to spend and also account for some of the mysterious cargo bound for Scardale that appeared - as if by magic - out of the temple. But just who – or what – the Leirans traded with, and for what, remains a mystery. Monsters still come up from the depths from time to time, sending local boys who are fishing through the long-broken oval windows of the riverside temple rooms diving and shrieking for their lives.

Chessmen of Valsprendar

This circle of man-high standing stones is located some yards south of Wright's Ferry, in a field of barley carefully cultivated around it. The field farmers go through some trouble to avoid the stones, lest they disturb the ghost of Valsprendar, the mage who had placed these chessman stones. Some loremasters theorize that secrets lay buried here, though as of yet none had managed to find them – or search extensively, for the local superstition is of much concern to the locals, and they will drive out anyone who tries.

Feather Falls

Cholandrothipe's Tower

The town of Feather Falls was home to the now-deceased Cholandrothipe - a powerful wizard who wielded potent spells, said to allow him to shrink entire boats and move them around Feather Falls without carrying their cargo over the portage. A few years ago Cholandrothipe was assassinated by agents of the Red Wizards of Thay, possibly because he refused to share his spells with them. It is much because of this that few in Featherdale suffer a Red Wizard to walk unmolested through their dale. Cholandrothipe's slender tower now stands on the edge of the town, but few dare explore the deceased mage's home for fear of its guardians and wards.