Feather Falls
Ruler Kirshoff
Government None
Religions Lathander
Formerly Leira
Population 1000
Inhabited Yes
Organizations Church of Lathander

Feather Falls

Feather Falls is Featherdale's oldest and largest settlement. It grew over a number of years due to the necessity of river-traders to portage their crafts here, in order to avoid the waterfall itself, from which the town gains its name. Though the locals do not suffer much from drow as other villages in the dale do, Feather Falls is a town historically plagued by Sembian and Scardarran expansionists alike. Feather Falls is the easternmost settlement of Featherdale and borders Scardale, with its namesake flowing into the large gorge known as the Scar.

It is also the home of the deceased Cholandrothipe - a powerful wizard who wielded potent spells, said to allow him to shrink entire boats and move them around Feather Falls without carrying their cargo over the portage. A few years ago Cholandrothipe was assassinated by agents of the Red Wizards of Thay, possibly because he refused to share his spells with them. It is much because of this that few in Featherdale suffer a Red Wizard to walk unmolested through their dale. Cholandrothipe's slender tower now stands on the edge of the town, but few dare explore the deceased mage's home for fear of its guardians and wards.

Feather Falls is the closest thing to a capital Featherdale has, and the “Dalesmeets” which discuss and decide upon matters effecting Featherdale as a whole are held here. With no lord or council ruling the dale these meetings of village elders and important citizens are the closest thing Featherdale has to government. A handful of local militia provide security to the towns population of roughly five hundred and eighty persons. Representative Kirshoff is the closest thing Feather Falls has to a leader, and represents the entirety of Featherdale when the Dales entire meet for council.

The House of Morning, a temple dedicated to Lathander, is also found within the town's boundaries. The unquestioned religious authority in Featherdale, this Lathanderite temple is led by Morninglord Jallian Horgontivar - a tall patrician man that has gained the reputation of a man only about half as cultured and important as he thinks he is. The House of Morning, the largest (and only) temple in the Dale, has been encouraging new business ventures throughout Featherdale by loaning out gold at low interest to those who ask, in a desperate attempt to keep up with Sembian operations. Many believe that Horgontivar will retire from his service to the god very much enriched if one of the clergy members under him does not do away with him first in their haste to ascend to his polished marble high seat.

For an outsider, it is difficult to say whether the greedy reputation this clergy has attained is deserved, considering the hard work and charity offered by this temple to the entirety of Featherdale. Travelers will often claim that some manner of feud took place in the past that embittered many of the dale's farm owners against the Morninglord, and the grudges have yet to fade.

Mistfall House, once a temple to the now-dead goddess Leira, also stands in Feather Falls and is known as a dangerous place travelers are encouraged to keep away from, or prepare to face monsters in the depths of the temple's old cellars.