Location Southern Dales
Date 1356 DR
Parties Involved Scardale, Battledale, Mistledale, Zhentarim, Hillsfar, Sembia

Lashan's War

In 1356 DR the charismatic Lord Lashan Aumersair of Scardale launched an invasion of neighbouring dales in a bid to emulate legendary King Aencar by uniting the dales under his sole rulership.

Lashan's campaign was both swift and successful and within the year he held control over a large portion of the southern Dales, including Battledale - the ideal stage from which to strike at Mistledale and Shadowdale next. Shocked by the speed and efficiency of his conquest, surrounding powers – Mistledale, Shadowdale, Zhentil Keep, Cormyr, Hillsfar, and Sembia – banded together in a loose alliance to break Scardale's advance and liberate the occupied territories.

Lashan's army could not withstand such an alliance and was utterly defeated – both by the sword and by desertion in the face of an overwhelming force. Lashan himself is believed to have fled the field, but in the years following the battle he is assumed to have died.

Following the allies' success, Scardale was occupied by a portion of each allied force and held firmly under this joint military rulership to avoid any further uprisings. In the years following, the Dales and Hillsfar pulled many of their men out of Scardale, leaving Zhents and Sembians struggling for control as Scardarrans tried to regain their independence.

The legacy of Lashan's war is felt most deeply by Scardale itself. Scardale Town never fully recovered from the defeat and subsequent occupation of allied forces and resulting political wranglings by each faction to attempt to wrest control of the entire Dale. The township was struck by Shaking Plague in 1370 DR, driving a final nail into its coffin as many of its people fled or were killed by the disease. Scardale Town is now an anarchic den of crime and disease, and seems unlikely to rise again as the Dales' capital township - that honour now falling instead to the peaceful and plagueless town of Chandlerscross.

Elsewhere in the Dales, Lashan's war remains in living memory. Veterans of the war often regard Scardarrans with suspicion, though outright hostility has faded with time and pity. Young Scardarrans, embittered by the hardships faced over the past two decades, begin to speak of Lashan as a hero and lambast the allies for their ill-treatment of innocent Scardarran civilians in the aftermath and during the occupation.