Location Teshendale, Northern Dalelands/Moonsea region
Date 1316 DR
Parties Involved Teshendale, Zhentarim, Orcs

Destruction Of Teshendale

Teshendale occupied the lands along the Tesh, within the shadow of Zhentil Keep. As Zhentil Keep transformed from an independent trading city into a hive of evil, Teshendale's days became numbered. Daggerdale has survived its bouts with Zhentil Keep relatively intact, but Teshendale succumbed to orc hordes recruited by the Zhents in 1316 DR. Teshwave and Snowmantle, former Teshendale towns, still figure in the Zhents' plans for the Dales.

Situated along the valley of the River Tesh, Teshendale was a lost dale once occupied the territory spanning from Zhentil Keep to the Desertsmouth Mountains. Now, the area is covered in ruins, as in 1316 DR it was invaded by Zhent forces and orcs working for them; the people was slain, ensalved or driven away, the valley was quarried and the granite used to build vast sections of the walls that protected Zhentil Keep.

The Dales Council keeps a seat open for the elder who used represent Teshendale, partially as a reminider of what happens those who underestimate the Zhents, and partially as a reminder that the Dales do not always manage to support each other quickly as they ought.

The former Teshendale towns of Teshwave and Snowmantle remain under control of Zhentil Keep; Teshwave, once the largest trading community in Teshendale, acts as a staging area for Zhent nonhuman troops and mercenaries. Snowmantle, located along the edge of the Border Forest, is a Zhent logging camp.