Location Sessrendale
Date 1232 DR
Parties Involved Sessrendale, Archendale

Destruction Of Sessrendale

One a small but prosperous dale west of Deepingdale, Sessrendale was destroyed by Archendale in 1232 DR after a long feud between the two peoples. The Archendale army utterly destroyed Sessrendale, leaving the place a barely inhabited wilderness.

Sessrendale, now called the “Dead Dale,” was founded 880 DR. It lay between the eastern face of the Thunder Peaks a westernmost verge of Semberholme, from Thunder Gap south to Tilver's Gap in the north. The southern half lay close Archendale, which also claimed Thunder Gap, and that sealed Sessrendale's doom.

A land of shepherds, masons, traders, and miners, Sessrendale was ruled by a Dusk Lord who was accused by Archendale of fell sorceries. The Dusk lord fell when Archendale's army invaded 1232 DR. The Archenfolk slew or drove off Sessrendale's citizens and destroyed all its buildings, fields, and mines. Then the Archenfolk sewed Sessrendale's fields with salt to ensure that Sessrenfolk families that had fled to Battledale and Deepingdale would never resettle their lands. Only a few trappers and woodcutters venture into haunted Sessrendale now.

Deepingfolk especially, as well as Featherdarrans, remain wary of Archendale's militaristic tendencies, though most Dales leaders are unlikely to allow the same level of destruction to be metered out again when one considers the fate of later attempted invasions of dales by other forces.