Also Known As The Long Night
Location Essembra, Battledale
Date Flamerule 1375 DR
Parties Involved Melsany Trinder
Cult of Shar
Guild of Alchemists

Assassination Of Ilmeth

On the 20th of Flamerule 1375 DR, a dark shadow rose from Lord Ilmeth Wyvernblade's manor and blanketed Essembra in 24 hours of starless night. The black shadow was visible for many miles around, with even fringes of Essembra's distant farm lands left in unnatural twilight.

At the start of this Long Night, Lord Ilmeth was murdered by dark magic wrought by his doctor, the Alchemist Melsany Trinder, who escaped to places unknown and left the town in turmoil.

The death of Ilmeth marked the end of a lineage that had lasted for over three centuries. His death left the town of Essembra, and the dale as a whole, in chaos as there was no heir. It is two months of politicking and daring-do before Jarath Burlisk is able to prove his legitimacy and take the throne. In the end, the presence of a hale and hearty young man on the throne has given the Dalesfolk a renewed sense of security.

The Guild of Alchemists quickly disavowed Melsany Trinder, and their Guildmaster who also fled soon after the crime was uncovered. Investigations proved that they had been duped by the Sharran priestess (and robbed by the Guildmaster) and were not guilty of any wrongdoing. Nonetheless, in the aftermath, the guild reformed so that no single person holds power over the guild and all matters are now voted on by majority. Lord Ilmeth's proclamation that the guild were entitled to a monopoly on the potion trade was also quietly rescinded.

Following the hunt for Melsany Trinder and her fellow cultists - who were chased into a dark version of Essembra in the Plane of Shadow and defeated by brave adventurers - the people of Battledale fervently consider the Church of Shar to be an organisation of evil and several 'suspected' members of the faith were run out of towns in the weeks following the murder. Where once a cunning priest could charm the bereaved with honeyed words, they are now viewed with deep suspicion and this will likely be so until the Long Night falls out of memory.

The Lord's Men, already suffering low numbers from Zhent schemes, deadly bandits, and mysterious illness, lost one of their Swordcaptains who had been a popular candidate for lordship. While the organisation as a whole received praise for members of Arandur company - the adventurer-heavy arm of the Lord's Men - for bringing the assassin to deadly justice, they Lord's Men have struggled to recruit in the numbers that Ilmeth's leadership inspired in his prime.