Notable events and happenings from the year 1377 DR (2020), the Year of the Haunting.

  • Midwinter holiday is observed at the end of the month.
  • Several Daleslords send messengers in order to, as is tradition for Midwinter, renew various alliances. To that end, riders are seen arriving in Essembra, Ashabenford, and Feather Falls to meet with their respective dales representatives.
  • Several black-clad elves rest and recuperate at Shadowtop Eyrie briefly, following a sortie against drow in the forest. The elves disappear back into the forest, and do not return.
  • Adventurers report a slight increase in spooky happenings and ghostly sightings in the various parts of ruined Aencar's Keep.
  • Greengrass festival takes place at the end of the month, and is a huge success. Several adventurers walked away with prizes from contests; Thror Ironhand won the pie-eating, Shug Hammerfell won target shooting, Roland the Resolute won the joust, with wrestling a tie between Ron Fairfax and Mill Menson.
  • Reports from the village of Oaknoll in Battledale suggest that an attempt by a strange group of necromancers - a werewolf and a maid among them - were thwarted from summoning something terrible into the Sunken Crypts. Travellers are advised to be wary if they venture close to the swampy old tomb on the village's far edge.
  • The Druids of Cormanthor hold a Wildmoot to bring their various associated orders together for news and discussion. Notably, several abbeys and prominent faiths of the Dales and Cormanthor do not send representatives.
  • The Battledale hamlet of Arvid's Hill is liberated from mercenaries who forcibly took over with a view to stealing a gem acquired by a young laborer. Rumour has it the adventurers who saved the village were hired by Harun & Morressyn, and placed the gem into their waiting hands afterward. The laborer, it is said, was glad to be rid of the thing that brought him such bad luck.
  • Worshippers who were at Feather Falls' House of Morning one fateful day quietly gossip that a human wizard and a gravely wounded silvery-blue dragon teleported suddenly into the main chamber there. High Morninglord Horgontivar quickly ushered non-priests out and attended to matters personally. The dragon has not been seen outside the walls of the temple since - though strange scaleyfolk were seen arriving with a Harper later.
  • Essembrans chatter about a red-clad, bearded wizard appearing suddenly there alongside the blood-soaked skull of a dragon. The wizard reportedly hired a group of strong lads to move the skull onto a hired wagon before he took his curious charge south out of town.
  • Adventurers band together with -rumour has it- Harpers and perform a raid on a secret Cult of the Dragon lair in the Cold Field. Bards tell of a journey through a mysterious painting into a nightmare realm before they reached the hidden caves where they were able to defeat the proto-dracolich Maugosthargar the Everburning before he could come to full power.
  • Lord Johann d'Edoras of Feather Falls is once again at peace as adventurers return the skull of Thraxata to his keep. While the heroes were unable to identify the thieves directly involved in taking the skeleton, they at least slew the one who ordered the theft and used the skeleton for nefarious purposes.
  • With normality restored at d'Edoras Keep and no further danger to them beyond its walls, the remaining would-be brides of d'Edoras depart the keep. It is noted that no marriage contract was brokered during the very awkward summer the three groups remained in the Dragonslayer's protective custody.
  • Popular half-orc bardess Ghara hosts a bardic concert in Essembra, with guest performances from other travelling bards including the famous Jhaer Brightsong of Mistledale. A raucous, good-natured crowd spilled into the streets of Battle Court afterwards, still singing refrains from the popular tunes performed. However, some report that it nearly came to fisticuffs when a red-hatted wizard began asking the taverner to serve him some sausages.
  • Highharvestide Festival is celebrated by the Chauntean faith and farmers across the realms. Essembra, noted for its large festivals, holds an event at its traditional festival site in the grounds Aencar's Keep.
  • The dwarves of Glen come together for several Dwarven holy days celebrated at the same time as the humans' Highharvestide.
  • At Highharvestide comes, some farmsteaders talk among themselves of wooden objects suddenly going missing; a wheelbarrow, a milking stool, a crate or barrel. This curious thing seems to happen every year, and some put the blame on mischievous druids.
  • Folk of Featherdale report distant lightning storms in the high hills as the end of the month approaches. Shepherds bring their sheep closer to their farms until the Stormlord's holy day has passed.
  • Tremors rock Mistledale's distant fields and it is discovered that the notorious Silent Chapel has been destroyed. Rumours abound that the druid Lerin has finally made good his intent of several years to return the place to nature. However, adventurers report that climbing down the tree that has broken through the stone structure there leads the curious to a forgotten ruin full of dangers - and unknown treasures.
  • The Three Wishes Trading company passes through the Dalelands on its way east, pausing in Essemra's Old Town Market to sell rare and powerful goods to the wealthy and adventurous. A variety of magical items were reportedly on sale - with several bidding wars between wizards for a few items.
  • Popular Gnomish illusionist Pogo Bunions announces he will be running pop-up shops selling his own rare and magical goods. This pops up seemingly at random with folk who wish to peruse his wares advised to track him down in Essembra.
  • Folk of the Realms celebrate the holiday The Feast of the Moon at the end of the month, many visiting the graves of family and friends to honour those passed in peace and war. Lordly families through the dales have the Bloodsong performed by their heralds - in Essembra, Herald Tyvessa Mithrem stands at Wyvernblade Keep to recite the song of Lord Jarath's house to the public.
  • Dalesfolk mark the start of winter and anticipate heavy snowfall this year.
  • The Winter Solstice is marked on the 20th. The four lady owners of the Green Door in Essembra hold their annual Fourth Feast in honour of the goddess Mielikki.

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