Notable events and happenings from the year 1376 DR (2019), the Year of the Bent Blade.

  • Winter snows cause difficult travel conditions in high ground - High Dale, Daggerdale, and parts of the Dun Hills are badly affected.
  • Following the airship crash in Battledale last month, a group of adventurers are called in to help investigate mysterious windstorms isolated to a nearby farmstead. After rendering aid to the gnomish skysailors, a number of elementals were defeated and recaptured to inflate their magical balloon.
  • Mysterious lights and sounds are seen over the Pool of Yeven - which lashed like an angry sea. After a tip off by a local, adventurers investigated and the Pool is now at peace - though the local man is heard to grumble that they were hired to slay a magical beast and failed in their task. Rumour has it that there was some kind of 'ice bird' nesting there, and that its nest had been disturbed by aquatic monsters.
  • Autumn Equinox
  • Highharvestide Festival is celebrated by the Chauntean faith and farmers across the realms. While some farmers celebrate the bountiful harvest, others have not done so well during the long summer and late autumn. However, the Dales as a whole enjoy good stocks of food for the coming winter.
  • The month of Marpenoth is unusually mild, bright mornings and balmy afternoons bringing much cheer. Leaves remain steadfast on their trees, turning red and gold unusually late. As with the festival at the beginning of the month, many consider this a very good omen, and the great harvest continues.
  • An upsurge in bounties causes some havoc in the hamlets of the dales as Dales authorities - particularly in Battledale - find themselves shorthanded. Adventurers are widely called upon to pick up the slack, with some senior militia officers worried that uncaught bandits will lead to new gangs forming in the wilds.
  • Notorious Beshaban Taeryl Ravenstone hires a band of adventurers in Essembra to delve into the cursed woodland near Moander's Road and rescue - so rumour goes - a body. The mission was apparently a success and the Doommaster happily departed with her coffin - leaving Essembran commonfolk quite relieved.
  • The Feast of the Moon is observed at the end of the month.
  • Winter Solstice

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