Notable events and happenings from the year 1374 DR (2011).

  • A dread green dragon strikes Essembra by night, afflicting the town with a wasting plague that affects many that come into contact with its diseased breath, Lord Ilmeth Wyvernblade seals the city against the spread of the sickness, and the survivors are left largely to fend for themselves, praying that the deadly fog will clear in time…
  • A long week passes and the miasma over Essembra lifts, the quarantine following soon after. A good 10% of the Essembran population are reported to have died, but those still afflicted with the sickness find it waning with clean air and continued treatment.
  • A combined force made up of Tempurans from the Abbey Of The Sword and Lord's Men from Essembra, led by the Priest General Brightshield Gorym Harndrekker and accompanied by Woodsfolk from the Circle Of The Elder Grove and many adventurers, attacks the green dragon Xalathros in the ruins of the Elven village of Tangled Trees, located deep within Cormanthor. They emerge from the woods victorious, the dragon reputedly having been slain, but not without suffering a cost in lives.
  • Sightings of giants in the western parts of Mistledale and the Beast Country are reported. Dwarves slay a giant at Plow Creek, while Beast Country orcs and goblins alike begin scrambling to try and appease or battle the incoming giants.
  • Mistledale enjoys relative peace following the events of previous months. Mistrans stockpile food and weapons for the winter. Many fences and boundaries are repaired before the weather turns too difficult.
  • Drow sightings between Mistledale and Battledale increase. Some wagons along the Dark Road are raided with food and other winter supplies taken.
  • Banditry increases in Featherdale and southern Battledale. Sembian merchant costers combat this by increasing the number of caravan guards and thus increasing their prices at market.
  • The Lord's Men in Essembra are rumoured to be engaging with adventurers more often. Most assume this is an effort to bolster Essembran defenses against drow and bandits over the winter following the summer's plague that decimated the Lord's Men.
  • Feast of the Moon between Uktar 30 and Nightal 1
  • Weather continues to be mild and wet, while Dalesfolk breathe a sigh of relief that the winter has not proven as hard as they feared so far.
  • Mild weather results in busy merchants – several of whom have been hiring adventurers for minor tasks as the roads remain easily passable.
  • Disturbing news spreads through Essembra of a Beholder being sighted in the Tangled Vale. It is said that Keepers Stance Undon and Alasdair Altarian, along with the barbarian Marthok, found the beast and apparently slew it.

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