Notable events and happenings from the year 1373 DR (2010).

  • Several members of Ashabenford's Council of Six go missing, and are eventually found dead. The remaining council members are given close protection by the Riders of Mistledale.
  • Mistletarn suffers an attack of vandalism upon Harlowe cemetery, an attack of necromancy following mere days later.
  • Ashabenford's southern farmlands and nearby Sharin Freehold face heavy drow attack. Adventurers provide enough force to beat back the threat and secure the safety of farmsteaders, though at heavy collateral loss.
  • Adventurers, led by Soluafin, hunt down the drow who stole grain from the Sharin Freehold attack and successfully reclaim some of the stolen supplies. Not long after that, they thwarted a would-be raid upon Glen from the same group of dark elves.

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