Lord of the Jungle Deeps, The Disentangler
Pantheon Dwarven
Realm Unknown
Portfolio Wild dwarves, hunting, jungle survival
Worshippers Druids, jungle inhabitants, rangers, wild dwarves
Domains Animal, Chaos, Dwarf, Good, Plant
Favored Weapon (Clawed gauntlet)

Thard Harr

Thard Harr is the protector of wild dwarves (also known as jungle dwarves), aiding them against intruders and marauding beasts. The Lord of the Jungle Deeps is revered only by dur Authalar (the People) as the wild dwarves of the jungles of Faerun refer to themselves. Some hunters of other races and alignments operating in jungle areas look to the Disentangler for guidance as well, but they have little to do with the mainstream of Thard's faith or with wild dwarven society.

The jungle is the fullest expression of the earth, the wind, the sun, and the rains. Live in harmony with nature under the wise and benevolent protection of the Lord of the Jungle Deeps. Outsiders seek to pillage and destroy, and their unnatural ways bring misery. Like the great tigers of the jungle, be strong and wary of beasts, whether they walk on two legs or four. Seek to understand that which you do not, but be wary of bringing unknown gifts into your lair. Be one with nature-live neither against it nor apart from it. Honor the ways of your people, but assume not that Thard's way is the only way-just the best way for his children.

The wild dwarves of the Jungles of Chult and the Mhair Jungles are nearly monotheistic in outlook, and the worship of the Lord of the Jungle Deeps is so firmly embedded in their culture it is nearly impossible, regardless of alignment, for them to conceive of any alternative faith. Outside of the human and demihuman cultures of the Chultan peninsula, however, Thard and his followers are little more than legend, even among the gold dwarves of the South. Ancient dwarven tradition holds that Thard was once revered as a dwarven god of nature by the other dwarven subraces, but High Shanatar, the last dwarven culture to revere him as such, has long since fallen.

Temples of Thard rarely incorporate artificial structures like buildings or dwarf-carved caves. The Disentangler is worshiped in isolated sanctuaries of incredible natural beauty rich in animal and plant life. Soaring cliffs, great waterfalls, vast gorges, hot springs, natural caverns, and volcanic mud flats deep in the heart of the jungles of the Chultan peninsula are common places for Thard's worshipers to gather. Like the great druid groves of the North, such sites are strong in faith magic and can often ser e as a source for mystic rituals of great power. Usually up to a dozen priests of the Lord of the Jungle Deeps watch over such holy sites, and they can call on the beasts of the surrounding jungle as well as nearby tribes of wild dwarves to defend these sanctuaries.

The Thardite faith has no formal military orders. However, on rare occasions, Thard's clergy collectively determine that it is in the best interest of dur Authalar to go to war. At such times, the best warriors of the widely scattered hunting bands come together to form the Pack. The Pack includes bloods (young warriors), war leaders (more experienced warriors), and priests of demonstrable fighting skill. Once assembled, not unlike the barbarian and orc hordes of the North, the Pack is a nearly unstoppable juggernaut that drives beasts and beings, great and small, from its path. Once the Pack's objective is achieved – the destruction of a yuan-ti enclave or a Batiri village, for example – the Pack quickly disperses and its surviving participants return to their small hunting bands.

Priests of Thard represent the Lord of the Jungle Deeps, protecting dur Authalar with powers given to them by the god and leading them on prosperous hunts and careful explorations. They are the leaders and generals of, and speakers for, their people. The responsibility for eliminating persistent intruders (unless dwarven) into wild dwarven territory falls to the Disentangler's priests, and they are expected to lead such attacks as fearlessly and diligently as Thard himself. Thard's wisdom teaches that one can best defeat an nemy that one knows well. Seasoned wild dwarves try to capture at least one intruder alive for questioning, before sacrificial use. If sparing the intruder seems likely to bring possible future benefits to the dwarves, they do so. Jungle dwarves are interested in trademetal, glass objects, and tools-in return for pelts, meat, or even live beasts. They conduct trade so long as they can conduct it on territory of their choosing, to set up traps and ambushes to guard against treachery under the direction of priests of Thard.

Priests of the Lord of the Jungle Deeps are known as shamans or vuddor, a dwarvish word that can be loosely translated as 'those of the jungle', and eschew the use of a formal hierarchy of titles. High Old Ones are collectively known as the Lords/Ladies of the Jungle. Each priest receives a personal title in a dream on the night the individual is initiated into the clergy. Such titles typically include the name of a great beast of the jungle over which the priest is then believed to have a small amount of supernatural control.

The clergy of Thard consists exclusively of jungle dwarves. Most of the Disentangler's priests are male (60%), but in recent centuries increasing numbers of females (40%) have been admitted to the priesthood as well.

Priestly Vestments

Priests of Thard bear the god's crossed gauntlets sign as a tattoo, usually on one shoulder or on the scalp, overgrown by their hair. Priests of Thard never cut their beards, but instead braid them into ropes that they tie around their waists or shoulders. If an enemy or beast cuts a priest's beard, there is no penalty; if it is done by the priest himself or herself, it is a sign that she or he is turning away from Thard's service and can no longer expect aid from the god. The skull of a large jungle beast, such as a rhinoceros, great cat, or giant crocodile is worn as a helm. For ceremonial purposes, the pelts or skins of jungle monsters are worn as robes.

Like other wild dwarves, the Disentangler's priests rarely don clothing, with the exception of their beast helms, as their long, woven hair serves as adequate garb. They cover their bodies with tattoos and grease. The grease serves to keep off insects and makes them hard to hold onto. When going to war, priests of the Disentangler plaster their hair and bodies with mud that, when combined with the grease they normally coat their bodies in, forms a crude but effective armor. Thard's priests favor metal weapons and tools, if available, but otherwise they employ their fists or clubs.

Ceremonies venerating the Lord of the Jungle Deeps are held on nights of the full and new mon. On such occasions, several hunting bands come together under the direction of one or more priests of Thard. The drums and chants of the wild dwarves then echo throughout the jungle, striking terror in the hearts of intelligent beings and beasts alike. Whenever the moon is full, and often when the moon is new, blood sacrifices of beasts and/or intruders are offered up to the Lord of the Jungle Deeps. Although they are not cannibals and do not usually eat intelligent beings, the assembled wild dwarves then often eat the still-warm sacrifice, regardless of its species

The Lord of the Jungle Deeps maintains friendly, but distant, relations with most of the other members of the Morndinsamman, but he is far removed from the concerns of dwarven life, at least as expressed by the gold and shield dwarf cultures of Faerun. Sharindlar is probably the only dwarven power to interact with Thard on a regular basis, for her interest in the rampant fertility of the jungle.

Thard has forged alliances and developed hatreds for many of the other powers whose worshipers dwell or have dwelt in the jungles of southern Faerun. Notable allies include Jazirian, lord of the couatl, and Ubtao, Father of the Dinosaurs and Founder of Mezro. The Disentangler's most notable foes include Eshowdow the Shadow Giant, Ubtao's antithesis and lord of the Eshowe (jungle humans), Sseth the Great Snake, god of the yuan-ti, and Kuro (Khurgorbaeyag), the most widely worshiped god of the Batiri (jungle goblins).