Keen-Eye, the Great Archer
Pantheon The Seldarine
Realm Arvandor
Portfolio Archery, hunting, wilderness survival
Worshippers Arcane archers, archers, druids, elves, rangers
Domains Chaos, Elf, Good, Plant, War
Favored Weapon Longshot (longbow)

Solonor Thelandira

Solonor Thelandira is the elven god of hunting, archery, and survival in wild and harsh places. The Great Archer's prowess with the bow is unmatched by any other power venerated in the Realms. Solonor is concerned with the integrity of nature and the balance between exploitation and agriculture on one hand and fallow, wild terrains on the other.

Like Corellon Larethian and Fenmarel Mestarine, the Great Archer watches over the boundaries of elven lands. He instructs the Fair Folk in the art of hiding in and moving through natural foliage so as not to be detected as well as the art of archery and hunting.

Walk in harmony with nature and oppose the efforts of those who would disturb her delicate balance. Preserve the wild places from excessive encroachment, and work with those who would settle the land to preserve the beauty that first attracted them. Hunt only for sustenance, culling the old and the weak from the herd so that all species may prosper. Like an arrow in flight, it is difficult to arrest the consequences of an action. Choose your targets carefully, for an ill-considered action can have a long-reaching impact.

Solonor is subject to many tales, particularly regarding his siblings and love interests. Fenmarel is said to be the brother of Solonor, and despite the former's estrangement from the Seldarine for which Solonor holds Lolth responsible, the Lone Wolf and the Great Archer are still close allies. Solonor and Eilistraee are true kindred spirits, with some myths depicting them as half-siblings and other myths suggesting a burgeoning romantic relationship (much to the dismay of both Shevarash and Fenmarel).

While Solonor is well regarded throughout elven society, most of his worshipers are drawn from those Fair Folk who live outside the great cities in small forest communities. His worship is particularly prevalent among wood elves and moon elven commoners involved in the day-to-day realities of living in harmony with nature and preserving the environment in the face of the destructive impulses of other races. While some gold elves drawn to the simple appeal of living in direct harmony with the woods may be found in Solonor's church, for the most part the Ar-Tel'Quessir and even the haughtiest Teu-Tel'Quessir nobility romanticize the teachings of the Great Archer while contemptuously dismissing those who compose the ranks of the Great Archer's faithful as base and worthy of a small measure of scorn.

Temples of Solonor can be found at the heart of deep forests, only accessible via carefully hidden and guarded woodland paths. The Great Archer's houses of worship are a mixture of natural and carefully sculpted features emphasizing the competing principles that Solonor tries to balance. Most temples are cultivated in a grove of trees carefully tended from seedlings to form two or more concentric rings of forest giants. Each tree is grown so as to form one or more natural hollows within its trunk at various elevations, and vine rope bridges are threaded through each tightly packed grove to connect the chambers in the heart of each tree. At ground level, roots, rocks, earth, plants are woven into near impregnable defensive fortifications to ensure the sanctity of the temple perimeter. Earthen chambers are hewn from the dirt beneath the grove, nestled among the tightly woven root structures. In the surrounding woods, trees are carefully planted so as to create narrow, spokelike paths radiating outward from the central grove. Although not immediately obvious to casual observation, the plant growth along such paths is cultivated so as to impede movement but permit the flight of arrows, thus forming natural shooting galleries in which invaders are easily targeted. Solonor's temples contain both ceremonial chambers adorned with hunting trophies and hollows with more practical applications such as crafting and repairing bows and arrows, the curing of venison and other meats, the tanning of hides, and the carving of bones to form tools and figurines.


Solonor's church is affiliated with a large number of military orders, few of which number more than several score warriors. The Stag Hunters, the Fellowship of the Fleeting Hart, the Wolves of Dawn, the Shadowsheafs, the Knights of the Green Bow, the Keen-eyed Hunters, and the Archer Knights are particularly famous examples of bands of elven rangers, fighters, and/or priests dedicated to serving the Great Archer. Many less renowned bands stalk the shadowed forest paths of Faerun as well, guarding the woodlands, the Fair Folk, and their allies who dwell within.


Solonor's priests serve as scouts and archers in elven armies, as bowyers, fletchers, and archery instructors in elven settlements, and as hunters and providers for far-flung rural communities. Among those Fair Folk who largely eschew the trappings of civilization, members of Solonor's priesthood preside over initiation ceremonies into adulthood.

Hawkeyes serve the Great Archer by working to maintain the balance of nature. Solonor's priests are deadly enemies of those who worship the likes of Malar and Talos and they often join forces with those who serve the Leaflord in order to exterminate followers of those evil gods whenever they make their presence known.

Novices of Solonor are known as Fledglings. Full priests of Keen-Eye are known as Hawkeyes. In ascending order of rank, the titles used by Solonoran priests are Fletcher, Bowyer, Archer, Gray Wolf, Snow Tiger, Grizzly Bear, Blood Hawk, Fire Falcon, and Gold Eagle. High-ranking priests have unique individual titles.

The clergy of Solonor includes moon elves (33%), wood elves (28%), sun elves (22%), the rest half-elves or other elven subraces. Solonor's clergy includes rangers as well as priests. The clergy is almost equally divided among males (52%) and females (48%).

Priestly Vestments

The ceremonial garb of Solonor's clergy consists of suits of silvered chain mail-elven chain mail, if available, with silver cloaks and leaf green hoods. The holy symbol of the faith is either an oversized arrowhead at least three inches in length embossed on both faces with Solonor's symbol, a silver medallion embossed with the head of a stag, or three feathers attached to a leather disk hung from a leather cord.

The silver cloaks with green hoods are exchanged outside of ceremonial occasions for leaf green hooded cloaks and leather boots (or traditional elven cloaks and boots, if available).

In battle and adventuring, Solonor's followers favor bows of any sort (except crossbows), daggers, knives, and long swords, spears. Elven bows are particularly prized, as are magical bows and arrows, enchanted bracers, and magical quivers. Most members of Solonor's priesthood wear leather armor, studded leather armor, or elven chain mail.


Solonor's faithful generally eschew frivolous celebrations, considering them unnecessary distractions to the tasks at hand. Once per lunar months, under the soft light of the full moon, the Great Archer's faithful assemble to give thanks for the skills Solonor has taught and the bounty thus provided. Hunters sacrifice hunting trophies that cannot otherwise be employed, and unbroken arrows engraved with the symbol of Solonor are fired into the sky to pole holes in the firmament and allow the light of Solonor's teachings to shin forth on this people (these arrows are never fired in a direction that would cause them to fall where they might hurt someone, including straight up).

Each Shieldmeet, known to the Fair Folk as the Day of Corellon's Peace, the followers of Solonor assemble to compete in great archery meets. The winner of each such contests are said to receive Keen-Eye's blessing.

Solonor is allied with all the powers who collectively compose the Seldarine.

In particular, the Great Archer works closely with Corellon Larethian, Fenmarel Mestarine, and Shevarash to defend the borders of elven homelands. Solonor has served as Shevarash's mentor since his apotheosis, and the two are united in their hatred of the Spider Queen and her followers, the drow. Solonor and Rillifane Rallathil work closely to preserve and protect the natural world. Solonor and Eilistraee close allies, especially in battles against Lolth and her followers.

Among the nonelven powers, Solonor is closely allied with other powers concerned with the natural world, including Mielikki; another goddess with which he has been romantically linked, as well as Silvanus and the various Animals Lords, particularly those concerned with hunting.

Solonor despises powers that favor despoliation over nature, and actively opposes the efforts of such gods and their followers. Solonor's greatest foes are Malar and Talos, followed closely by Lolth.

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