Mistress of the Night, Lady of Loss, Nightsinger
Pantheon Faerunian
Realm Plane of Shadow
Portfolio Dark places, darkness, forgetfulness, loss, the night, secrets, grief
Worshippers Anarchists, assassins, avengers, monks (Dark Moon), mourners, nihilists, rogues, shadowdancers
Domains Cavern, Darkness, Evil, Knowledge
Favored Weapon Disk of Night (Chakram)


Loss is the nature of Shar. She rules over pains hidden but not forgotten, bitterness carefully nurtured away from the light and from others, and quiet revenge for any slight, no matter how old. The basic inanity of life and foolishness of hope are the cornerstones of Shar's being. She revels in the concealed, in that which is hidden and never to be revealed. She is said to have the power to make her devout followers forget their pain.

Dark Followers (the faithful of Shar) are instructed to reveal secrets only to fellow faithful and to never follow hope or turn to promises of success. They should quench the light of the moon (the faithful of Selune and their holdings, deeds, and magic) whenever they find it and hide from it when they cannot prevail. Above all, the dark should be a time to act, not to wait.

Faithful of Shar are not supposed to hope and are therefore forbidden to strive to better their lot in life or to plan ahead except in matters directly overseen by the clergy of the Dark Goddess. Consorting with goodly beings or those who actively serve deities other than Shar is a sin unless for purely business dealings, to take advantage of them, or to corrupt them from their beliefs into the service of Shar. Devotees of Shar must not speak out against clergy of the goddess, nor interrupt their devotional dances for any reason. Lay worshippers must prove their faith by obedience to the clergy and by carrying out at least one dark deed ordered by a priest of Shar every year - or bring at least one being to worship the Dark Goddess.

Said to be older than time itself, Shar is the spirit of primordial darkness that was born at the beginning of Creation along with her sister Selune. Since this time, Shar has battled to regain the peaceful oblivion that she once enjoyed.

Shar is worshipped by blinded, nocturnal, or subterranean-dwelling humans and allied beings and by those who hate the light, such as goblinkin and their allies. She is also worshipped by many who favor dark surroundings or who must undertake deeds or do business in darkness. She is venerated by those who are bitter or are grieving over a loss and wish to find peace (especially through vengeance) and by individuals who want to forget. She is also placated by those who know their wits have been harmed and want to find peace or those who have been mentally harmed and want to remember fully or be restored in their minds. Many in Faerûn fear nightfall, the casting of the cloak of Shar, because of the dangers that lurk in its folds.

The church of Shar is largely composed of underground cells rather than an overt, uniformed, body of priests working from temples. Clergy members revel in secrecy, and cells of the church are organized around small congregations of worshippers who know and are led by a single priest. Lay worshippers address Sharran clergy as “Mother Night” or “Father Night”, and Sharran clergy address their superiors in this way. Among equals, they use the terms “Sister Night” or “Brother Night”. Their formal titles remain a mystery to those not inducted into the secrets of the faith.

Shar's hatred of Selune extends to her clergy and their relationships with the chruch of Selune. The two faiths war continually, and jihads and assassination plots against Selunites are common where Shar is strong. One of the reason the church of Shar remains so small is a byproduct of this endless war. Several holy wars and vendettas led by Sharrans against more powerful forces of Selunites have resulted in many Sharran casualties.

Priestly Vestments

The colors purple and black are used extensively in Shar's church and among her followers. During rituals, Sharran clergy tend to dress in black hooded cloaks and dark garb with purple trim or accessories.

Sharran clergy wear practical clothes in the fashion of the land they are in while pursuing day-to-day life, all the better to keep their station secret. When entering a situation where they might encounter hostilities they wear armor and take appropriate protective measures.

Shar is the eternal enemy of Selune and battles her ceaselessly on any planes through mortal worshippers and servitor creatures. The undying enmity between the two goddesses is older than recorded time.

Shar's love of dark spaces brings her into frequent conflict with deities of light and fire such as Lathander and Kossuth. She nurses a cold anger for Mask's dominion over shadow, and she resents Oghma's attempts to discover secret lore and share it with all. Shar's desire to dominate the concept of revenge sets her against the ancient, dwindling power Hoar, and Loviatar is displeased with Shar's designs on emotional pain. Her only frequent ally is Talona, who considers Loviatar their mutual enemy.