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Champion of Lolth, the Spider That Waits
Pantheon Drowish
Realm Demonweb Pits
Portfolio Drow warriors
Worshippers Barbarians, drow, fighters, those who like to kill, warriors
Domains Chaos, Drow, Evil, Spider, War
Favored Weapon Veonommace (heavy mace)


Selvetarm, cruel and malicious by nature, cares only for battle and destruction. The Champion of Lolth harbors a deep hatred for all living things, including his dominating mistress, and the only beauty he can appreciate is a well-honed and deadly fighting style. Selvetarm can exhibit a great deal of patience while waiting for prey to fall into an ambush he has set, but he prefers the wild abandon of battle frenzy to a careful and deliberate attack.

War is the ultimate expression of individual power, and only through battle and deat hcan you realize the respect of your comrades. Hone your fighting skills constantly and teach those who will follow into the fray. Never give or recieve quarter, and hope to die amid the bloodlust of battle against overwhelming odds.

Selvetarm is the offspring of an ill-fated trtst between Vhaeraun and Zandilar (now an aspect of Sharess). He walked a solitary way for many centuries, and was nearly turned to good by Eilistraee when Lolth convinced him to battle Zanassu, a demon lord with a fondness for spiders. When Selvatarm defeated and absorbed the demon, he was overwhelmed by Zanassu's evil and fell into Lolth's mental traps.

The church of Selvetarm hardly exists as such, largely serving as the military arm of the church of Lolth.

Selvetarm's faithful spend most of their days guarding fortications and honing their fighting skills. Many spend much of their time training other warriors in the art of war. While the Selvetargtlin are rightly known for their skill in battle, the teachings of the faith place little emphasis on tactics or strategy and thus few members of Selvetarm's clergy achieve a high military rank.

Clerics of Selvetarm pray for their spells immediately after the first battle of the day, or after military practice if there is no actual battle. Selvetarm's faithful are expected to observe the rituals of Lolth, as directed by her clerics. Selvetarm does expect all who take up arms in his name to cry out his name in the bloodlust of battle as they deliver the killing blow to a foe. Since there is always the chance that any attack will be a fatal one, the Selvetargtlin tend to constantly scream out their deity's name during a battle.

Selvatarm is allied with only Lolth and Garagos and opposes almost every other deity.

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