Master of All Thieves, Lord of Shadows
Alignment1) Neutral Evil
Pantheon Faerunian
Realm Plane of Shadow
Portfolio Shadows, thievery, thieves
Worshippers Assassins, beggars, criminals, rogues, shades, shadowdancers
Domains Darkness, Evil, Luck, Trickery
Favored Weapon Stealthwhisper (longsword)


Mask, the Lord of Shadows, is a loner god, most often associated with thieves or those of otherwise ill-repute. He is very self-possessed and confident – some say too confident for his own good. Known for his constant scheming, cool head, and oft reserved biting comment he has recently lost a significant portion of his power, the intrigue portfolio, to Cyric.

All that occurs within the shadows is in the purview of Mask. Ownership is nine-tenths of what is right, and ownership is defined as possession. The world belongs to the quick, the smooth-tongued, and the light-fingered. Stealth and wariness are virtues, as are glibness and the skill to say one thing and mean another, twisting a situation to your advantage. Wealth rightfully belongs to those who can acquire it. Strive to end each day with more wealth than you began it, but steal what is most vital, not everything at hand. Honesty is for fools, but apparent honesty is valuable. Make every truth seem plausible, and never lie when you can tell the truth but leave a mistaken impression. Subtlety is everything. Manipulation is better than force, especially when you can make people think they have done something on their own initiative. Never do the obvious except to conceal something else. Trust in the shadows, for the bright way makes you an easy target.

The followers of Mask have been reduced to their central core: thieves and thieves, guilds (though in addition to the traditional shadowy individuals, courtiers and diplomats have also been known to evoke the Shadowlord's name in hope of guaranteeing a smooth negotiation). Many guilds still have their shrines to the god, and in those regions where thievery is not actively frowned upon, temples to Mask survive. The priesthood of Mask is independent in each major city or region to prevent the frequent actions against one thieves. guild or temple from spilling over and affecting others.


Maskarran are perhaps the wealthiest clergy in the Realms, second only to those of Waukeen. They able to call on untold wealth stolen in the past and hidden away in secret places. Maskarran do not hoard and gloat over their takings like dwarves croon over gold; they actively use it to buy agents, bribe officials, sway agreements, and manipulate folk to do thus and so, working behind the scenes to achieve mysterious ends.

The mark of a successful priest of Mask is to state to a superior that this or that end (in international politics or the doings within a realm) will be worked toward and achieved within such-and-such a time, and then fulfill this promise. Maskarran who fail in their promises seldom rise far in the hierarchy, though several attempts at bringing something about are perfectly acceptable so long as none of them too obviously reveal the priest at work behind the scenes.

Priestly Vestments

Maskarran wear no badges of rank nor differing vestments, but all senior clergy members strive to purchase, have made, or (preferably) steal magical items augmenting their abilities to hide or travel, as well as a wide array of enchanted weapons and armor.

Clerics must be within '1 step' of their deity's alignment
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