Finder-of-Trails, Watcher Over Wanderers, The Watchful Eye
Pantheon Morndinsamman (Dwarven)
Realm Dwarfhome
Portfolio Guides, Explorers, Expatriates, Travelers, Lightning
Worshippers Dwarves, Fighters, Rangers, Travelers
Domains Good, Protection, Travel
Favored Weapon Glowhammer (Heavy Mace)

Marthammor Duin

The most conservative dwarves pledge that the Stout Folk belong underground, and that those who travel the Realm Above have at worst betrayed ancient ideals and at best are somewhat disturbed fools. If the latter is the case, the young dwarven deity Marthammor Duin is the grand king of fools.

The patron of those dwarves who have left the clanholds to explore the world under the sun, Marthammor approaches life with an almost gnome-like demeanor, always curious to see what's beyond the horizon and always willing to trade stories of travels past beside a crackling campfire. His is the rare spirit of dwarven exploration embodied in divine form, the spark of curiosity his followers equate with a quick burst of lightning from the open skies.

If the Children of Moradin are to survive as a race, they must adapt, grow, and learn to dwell in harmony with other good races, particularly humans. The Stout Folk must be encouraged to emerge from the illusory safety of their hidden delves and find true security in fellowship with humankind and demihumankind. Help fellow wanders and sojourners in the world, giving all that is needful. Guide those who are lost and guard those who are defenseless. Seek out new ways and new paths, and discover the wide world in your wanderings. Herald the way of newfound hope.


Marthammor's clergy, the volamtar (“blazers of fresh trails”) represent one of the most widely recognized dwarven churches of the surface world. Volamtar mark wilderness trails near dwarven strongholds, that the path of those who decide to leave the clanholds is made that much easier. They also establish way-caches of food and supplies along these trails. They patrol trade routes and game trails between human and dwarven enclaves, healing the injured and clearing such areas of dangerous predators. In urban areas, they establish temples with the aim of strengthening dwarven populations through healing services, religious ceremonies, and exchange of information. While they do not accompany adventurers, they are in a sense adventurers themselves, often fighting monsters, discovering ruins, and facing the same perils adventurers do. Less adventuresome volamtar sometimes attempt to influence the government of non-dwarven cities that feature dwarven residents, usually by attempting to infiltrate minor political positions.

Novices of Marthammor are known as the Lost. Full priests are known as Watchful Eyes. In ascending order of rank, the titles used by Marthammoran priests are Sun Seeker, Far Wanderer, Trail Finder, Vigilant Guardian, Stalwart Protector, and Valiant Hammer. High Old Ones have unique individual titles.

Priestly Vestments

Priests of Marthammor garb themselves in gray robes and maroon overtunics emblazoned on both the front and back with a Watchful Eye beneath the symbol of Marthammor. The holy symbol of the faith is a miniature electrum hammer.

Marthammor is almost gnomelike in his approach to life; he's open and friendly, and he's definitely curious what lies over the next horizon. He has a keen interest in the doings of the multiverse as a whole, and he is far less xenophobic than most dwarves or their deities.

Marthammor is one of the youngest powers of the Morndinsamman, and as such the other members tolerate what they call his antics. Moradin hopes Marthammor will settle down in a few millennia and gives thanks, at least, that he is not as chaotic as Dugmaren Brightmantle. Marthammor is on good terms with Dugmaren, as the theme of traveling to gain knowledge is a shared concern of these gods, and the Finder-of-Trails is welcome in Dugmaren's Soot Hall. While he hates all goblinkin and evil giant gods, Marthammor harbors a particular loathing for Grolantor.

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