The Lifegiver, Lord of the Continuum, The Sage at Sunset, The One-Eyed Seer, The Philosopher
Pantheon Elven
Realm Arvandor
Portfolio Time, longevity, the moment of choice, history
Worshippers Bards, divine disiples, elves, lore masters, scholars, teachers
Domains Chaos, Elf, Good, Knowledge, Time
Favored Weapon The Timestave (quarterstaff)

Labelas Enoreth

Labelas Enoreth is the elven god of longevity and time. He measures the lives of the Fair Folk and decrees when they should be ended, allowing passage to Arvandor. As Lord of the Continuum, Labelas governs the orderly passage of time and guards against those who would alter the path of history. He confers wisdom and teachings on young and old alike, and although he is rarely invoked, Labelas is often praised.

His demeanor is calm and meditative, and he is not given to sudden action or hasty speech. According to legend, he traded an eye for the ability to peer through time. Labelas concerns himself with transgenerational changes and the growth of learning and wisdom among elves, and thus rarely involves himself directly in the lives of individuals.

The march of time is inexorable, but the blessings of the Lifegiver enable the children of Corellon to live long and fruitful lives, unmarked by the passage of years. Record and preserve the lessons of history, and draw lessons from that which has unfolded. In the end, the sun always sets before the next day dawns anew. When you follow Labelas's teachings, time is on your side.

Legend says that, at the creation of the Fair Folk, Labelas blessed the elves with long lifespans and decreed that their appearances would not be marked by the passage of time. The Lifegiver cooperates with Sehanine Moonbow in overseeing the lifespan of elves and their growth away from and beyond mortal realms.

The church of Labelas has a small, but dedicated, following in most elven cultures, and its teachings are widely heralded throughout the realms of the elves. The counsel of the Lifegiver's priests is always sought when far-reaching decisions must be made. Although Labelas is venerated by members of all the elven subraces, the sun elves in particular revere the Lifegiver and follow the teachings of his clergy for the philosophical nature and farseeing perspective of both the god and his priests is in close harmony with their natural perspective on the course of life. The faithful of Labelas are on good terms with the cult of Hanali Celanil, for the followers of the Heart of Gold give thanks to the Lifegiver for preserving the beauty that Lady Goldheart bequeaths.

Temples of the Lifegiver are monuments unbowed by the passage of time, whether they be built amidst the branches of a venerable forest giant or constructed from weathered stone carved from the slopes of an ancient mountain range. The central chapel of each temple is dominated by a massive golden sundial inlaid in the floor, and windows are placed or limbs trimmed back so as to allow the direct rays of the setting sun to bathe the massive time pieces in colorful hues. Each house of worship has a library of some sort associated with it, and many such temples house some of the greatest collections of elven lore assembled in the Realms.


The Order of the Setting Sun is a fellowship of elf and half-elf archeologists, bards, historians, lorekeepers, scholars, sages, and the like who seek to preserve and/or rediscover the relics and knowledge of elven cultures that have passed into history.

The Knights Paradoxical are an elite order of warriors, wizards, and priests who seek to preserve the integrity of time and prevent significant alterations to history by chronomancers and political revisionists alike.


Priests of Labelas are the keepers of elven history and lore, and they are charged with searching for hidden facts of the past. They compile and protect such sacred knowledge and record it for the instruction of future generations. Members of Labelas's clergy are also philosophers and teachers, responsible for educating the young and promoting and acquiring knowledge.

Novices of Labelas are known as Tyros. Full priests of the Lifegiver are known as Time Sentinels. In ascending order of rank, the titles used by Labelasan priests are Observer, Recorder, Librarian, Lorist, Scholar, Historian, Sage, and Philosopher. High-ranking priests have unique individual titles but are collectively known as the Wizened or Chronologians.

The clergy of Labelas includes gold elves (40%), moon elves (30%), wood elves (12%), sea elves (10)%, half-elves (8%). The clergy of Labelas has many more women (61%) than men (39%).

Priestly Vestments

Priests of Labelas wear light gray robes of wispy, gossamer construction. When a small light source is viewed through the robes, such vestments shine with the deep reds, purples, and oranges of the sunset. The holy symbol of the faith is a semicircular gold disk crafted to resemble the setting sun.

Servants of Labelas eschew heavy armor or sophisticated weaponry. For most priests of the Lifegiver, simple light gray robes (of more durable construction than their ceremonial vestments) and a staff or dagger serve as adequate protection. When available, elven cloaks, elven boots, and other items that allow the wearer to pass unnoticed are employed by members of Labelas's clergy.


The faithful of Labelas do not celebrate individual holy days, for the passage of time is uniform, independent of the events that unfold in each regular interval. Instead, the Lifegiver's followers gather each day in small groves near his temples as the sun sets to mark the passage of another day, a daily ritual known as the Marking of Time. They utter prayers to Labelas and recite all that they have learned in the past day to be recorded by the lorekeepers of Arvandor who serve the One-Eyed God.

It is considered a great honor if a priest of Labelas attends a birth, as it is a sign that the child will live a long and fruitful life. Such visitations always occur at the first sunset after the birth and involve casting a bless spell on the infant as prayers to Labelas are exclaimed to the heavens.

Labelas gets on well with the rest of the Seldarine, although his relationship with Erevan Ilesere is sorely tested by the other's antics on occasion, but the Lifegiver makes allies of few other powers.

In ancient times, when Mystryl was venerated as the human goddess of time, Labelas was closely allied with the Lady of Mysteries, and that close relationship has continued with the current incarnation of Mystra. Since the Time of Troubles, Clangeddin Silverbeard, dwarven god of battle and war, has nursed a grudge against Labelas for defeating him in battle on the isle of Ruathym. While the Lifegiver has attempted to apologize for his actions, the Father of Battle is slow to forgive, as is typical of the Stout Folk.

The Lifegiver strongly opposes all deities who promote entropy and undeath.

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