Lady of the Dead, the Revenancer, the Vengeful Banshee
Pantheon Drowish
Realm Demonweb Pits
Portfolio Undead, Vengeance
Worshippers Drow, necromancers, undead
Domains Chaos, Drow, Evil, Retribution, Undeath
Favored Weapon Cold Heart (dagger)


Kiaransalee is cruel, twisted, and sonsumed by thoughts of vengeance. The Lady of the Dead descended into madness long ago, but she retains her twisted cunning and clear recollection of every slight or insult done to her–real of imagined. The Revenancer is powerful and swift to anger, and she schemes dark revenges against all who have wronged her. Kiaransalee prefers the mindless company of the undead (whom she can manipulate at will) to sentient beings capable of independent thought. She prefers to solve problems herself rather than trust someone else to do justice to her vision.

Death comes to all and cruel vengeance will be exacted on those who waste their lives on the petty concerns of this existence. True power comes only from the unquestioning servitude of the once-dead. Hunt, slay, and animate those who scorn the Reverancer's power, and aswer any slight a thousandfold so that all may know the coming power of Kiaransalee.

Kiaransalee was once mortal, a powerful dark elven necromancer-queen from another plane. She has long been an unwilling vassal of Lolth, capable of only small acts of rebellion. In recent years, Kiaransalee seized the realm of Orcus, a demon lord of the undead, and is now consued with efforts to eliminate every last trace of Orcus in any form.

The church of Kiaransalee is organized into tightly regimented cells, but with little overall organization of the faith. Kiaransalee's clerics are secretive and usually found in small drow communities or special enclaves. They are agents of vengeance, plotting revenge on those who have slain, harmed, or insulted the clergy in any way. They also undertake regular slaying missions to aquire corpses for animation, and take a prominent role in persecuting slaves.


Clerics of Kiaransalee pray for their spells at midnight when the spirits are most restless in their graves. While each cleric performs a handful of minor devotions to Kiaransalee every month, they venerate her on a single annual holy day–the Graverending– celebrated each Midwinter Eve.

The Graverending is celebrated individually, with each cleric animating as many undead creatures as she can. All such undead–known as the Vengeance Hunters– are consumed with thoughts of revenge against their killers and unerringly seek them out over the next 24 hours. If destroyed, a Vengeance Hunter does not rise again. Vengeance Hunters return to their graves, if possible, once 24 hours have passed since their animation or once they have exacted their revenge.

Kiaransalee is loosely allied with many deities in hopes of loosening Lolth's web, including Hoar, Velsharoon, Malar, and Vhaeraun. Her foes include Deep Duerra, Dumathoin, eilistraee, Kelemvor, Laduguer, and Jergal.

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