Godson, Son of Bane
Pantheon Faerunian
Realm The Barrens of Doom & Despair
Portfolio Fear, Hatred, Strife, Tyranny
Worshippers Former Banites
Domains Evil, Destruction, Hatred, Law, Tyranny
Favored Weapon Sword of Souls (Scimitar)

Iyachtu Xvim

Iyachtu Xvim was the half-demonic son of Bane and, for a time, the deity of fear and tyranny. Iyachtu Xvim was consumed in 1372 DR when his father used his body to re-emerge from death, taking Xvim's portfolio for his own.

Xvim delights in death and destruction, and encourages his devoted to emulate him. In Xvim's dark, twisted mind, nothing worthy is accomplished without the destruction of something else. Those who would follow Xvim must be as committed to destruction, oppression, and cruelty as he is. Xvim favors a crushing pecking order that rewards those who shove others aside for personal gain. Those at the top of the food chain prey on those at the bottom. Those at the bottom either survive (and become stronger) or perish.in which case, they were weak and did not belong in Xvim's camp anyway.

Shortly after his father's demise and the end of the Time of Troubles, Iyachtu Xvim was able to make contact with several former banite priests who had fled underground following the events of the Banedeath of 1361 DR. The Banites decided to recognize Xvim as the rightful heir to Bane.

For little over a decade, Xvim reigned as a minor god, a feeble successor to his fearsome sire. During his existence, Xvim was petty, power-hungry, and ruthless, in some ways like his father. However, he was not nearly as strong, especially in comparison with the other “new” deity in the Faerûnian pantheon, Cyric.

In 1372 DR, the young god was consumed by a blazing green fire, from which emerged a resurrected Bane. Nearly all former clerics of Xvim (who in turn shifted to his allegiance after the death of his father) re-pledged themselves to the Church of Bane. Xvim is now considered a dead god, and for as long as his father holds on to divinity, he will probably remain as such.

Iyachtu Xvim attracted the same sort of cruel, power-hungry folk who worshiped Bane. Some were fascinated by the rekindled awe and fear that he inspired, some took comfort in the rigid rules and the promise that humankind will prevail over all through might, taming all Faerûn, and others felt truly alive when engaged in the ruthless intrigue that was unending in his church. Followers of Xvim, priests and lay folk, were called Xvimists, while priests of the Godson were known as Xvimlar, and the elite specialty priests of the faith were known as authlims.

Xvimlar reveled in destruction, oppression, and the dealing of pain. Kicking folk they pass, slamming doors on people, and hurling stones down busy streets at random were not uncommon acts for Xvimlar. The Xvimlar were busily roaming Faerûn, inspired by the coming out of their god into open godhood, and wherever they went they challenged the clergy of Cyric (their acknowledged enemy) and urged still-faithful Banite priests to join in the worship of Xvim, or perish at their hands. For the most part, they have been successful at converting the remaining Banites who did not turn to Cyric or other deities. As such, many of the Xvimlar were former Banites.

The Xvimlar jokingly titled their novices “vermin”, who could then rise to the rank of “Oppressor”, to “Hatemaster”, to “Ruinlord”, and finally to “Tyrannar”. Titles and rank in the church of Xvim were the same, regardless of gender, and his temples operated in a strictly hierarchical manner with the faith being led by a High Tyrannar.

Xvim and Cyric were bitter enemies. Otherwise, he held few relationships with other deities, though it is believed that all of those gods who opposed Bane would likewise be opposed to him.

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