Lord of the Dry Depths, the Skulking God, Lurker in Darkness
Pantheon Faerunian
Realm Phlegethon/ Pandemonium
Portfolio Caverns, dungeons, the Underdark, skulks
Worshippers Underdark travellers, Cave dwellers, scalykind, skulks
Domains Cavern, Darkness, Scalykind, Travel
Favored Weapon Unknown


Worshipers in Calimshan and other areas of the Shining South claim that Ibrandul watches over humans who must venture into hostile underground areas, aiding and guiding those who serve him when they are in need.

Followers of Ibrandul believe that the Underdark is every bit as vital as the surface world, and darkness is its greatest redeeming quality. In a world without light, there is no tedious and inescapable march of day and night to command the lives of intelligent creatures and no end to the variety of shapes and textures to experience tactilely—something which would be lost by merely looking upon them as surface dwellers do. Followers of Ibrandul believe that nothing is good or evil in the dark unless you consider it so, and such value judgments are frivolous.

Initiates to the Enveloping Darkness, as the faith is properly known, are charged: “There is perfect freedom in perfect darkness: independence, individuality, liberty from the judgment of others. Ibrandul protects you and guides you in the dark ways. He drives away those who would do his children harm and from time to time reveals great treasures to those who venture into the depths. Remain steadfast to him, and he will stand by you.”

Legends say that Ibrandul’s worship began in the prehistory of Calimshan. A tribe of nomadic humans was abducted from the Calim Desert by dark elf raiders from deep beneath the desert sands. These humans served the drow as slaves for centuries, unable to flee because of their fear of the all-enveloping darkness.

The humans eventually escaped when a monstrous lizard emerged from the darkness, drove off the dark elf overseers, and led the slaves into the surrounding wilds of the Underdark. Some of the former slaves eventually returned to the surface and brought with them tales of the Lord of the Dark Depths to the tribes of the surface. Others remained in the dark tunnels, living in small, nomadic bands and subsisting by raiding the farms and caravan of the drow and the humans of the surface. Since then Ibrandul’s worship has quietly spread to many locations with access to the Underdark.

All priests of Ibrandul proselytize among adventurers and the poor folk of cities. Ibrandulin are also expected to build temple fortresses deep in the Underdark to serve as sanctuaries for those who venture in the depths. They are to offer the protection of the Lord of the Dry Depths to those who must hide underground (from justice, their enemies, a plague, severe weather, or an attack on the city) by providing such people with guarded, defensible temples underground to stay in—in exchange for regular rental payments for a bed, food, a niche in the temple, and Ibrandul’s favor.

Ibrandul can be worshiped anywhere it is dark and anywhere in the Underdark. Ibrandul has shaped elaborate altars out of the natural stone in numerous large caverns throughout the Underdark. They are recognizable as plateaus at least 20 feet across, worn glassy smooth across the top and having steps that ascend from any accessible side. At the very center of the plateau, Ibrandul carves many runes and glyphs of varying texture and shape so that followers can kneel and caress them while meditating.


Many of Ibrandul’s clergy members wander in the Underdark as adventurers or aides to them. Their mission is to persuade everyone they meet to remain below the surface and acknowledge Ibrandul as their defender while below ground. Ibrandulin tend to roam alone in the Underdark, celebrating the darkness, which leads to a relatively high mortality rate among the lower-ranking priests. The smarter Ibrandulin stick with groups until they develop their survival skills and priestly powers a bit more.

Novice Ibrandulin (priests of Ibrandul) are called Children of Ibrandul, and addressed as “child” by priests. When initiated into the priesthood, they earn the title Lurker. Senior priests are Mysterious Lurkers, and the leader of a temple is an Impenetrable Lurker. Priests often take distinctive personal titles, and the recognition of such title by the Impenetrable Lurker of a temple is all that is required to make them official.

Prior to the Time of Troubles, some Ibrandlin followed druidic traditions, but these practices have since been abandoned.

Priestly Vestments

Priests of Ibrandul wear dark purple ceremonial robes covered with a pattern of large, overlapping silver rings and belted with a black sash. The rings symbolize their interdependence (as fellow children of Ibrandul) and also the protective scales of the Lord of the Dry Depths. The holy symbol of Ibrandul is usually carved into a semiprecious stone and carried on a thong or chain, or sometimes formed symbolically from a puzzle ring of four interlinked silver finger rings worn as one ring.

In general, followers of Ibrandul have a distinct predilection for black and dark purple clothing with silver ornamentation. One might often mistake them for rogues (which they may be anyway) because they seem to dress as if to blend with darkness. When adventuring, the Skulking God’s clergy members wear reasonable armor that protects them yet enables them to move swiftly in the rough terrain of subterranean tunnels. Such armor is always tinted or dyed flat black or a deep purple so as not to reflect any light and is usually crafted from metals or 1izard skins found in the Underdark. Ibrandulin wield whatever weapons are appropriate and available.

Ibrandul is allied with Mask and Ilmater. He is an enemy of Lolth, for his dominion over Caverns, and Lathander, as their portfolios are directly opposed.

In Forgotten Realms lore, Ibrandul is not longer a deity in his own right, having been subsumed by Shar. However, as Shar still grants spells in his name, most are not aware of his demise and continue to worship him - not realising they are truly serving the wiles of the Goddess of Night.

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