The Lone Wolf
Pantheon Elven
Realm Arvandor
Portfolio Feral elves, outcasts, scapegoats, isolation
Worshippers Druids, elves, outcasts, rangers, rogues, spies, wild elves
Domains Animal, Chaos, Elf, Plant, Travel
Favored Weapon “Thornbite” (Dagger)

Fenmarel Mestarine

Fenmarel Mestarine is the eternal outsider, the solitary god who holds himself aloof from his fellows. Sullen and serious, he is a perfect counterbalance to fun-loving Erevan Ilesere.

He is venerated by outcasts from elven society, many of whom have withdrawn voluntarily in response to perceived slights, as well as by elves who have been isolated from the main body of their race and who live in wild, relatively uncivilized rural groups. Although he does not actively seek the worship of mortals, Fenmarel serves as the teacher and protector of those who turn to him, one who is silent and subtle, instructing his people in survival, spying, camouflage, deception, and secrecy.

Fenmarel watches over the elven borders in disappearing woodlands, jungles, and similar environments - not unlike Corellon Larethian in more sizable homelands. Of all the elven races, Fenmarel takes his interest mainly in the wild elves, hidden deep within the thickest forests and jungles of Faerun.

The world is a harsh and unforgiving place, with uncompromising demands on those who would forge their own path. Rely not on others for protection, for betrayal comes easily, but on the skills of camouflage, deception, and secrecy. Follow the way of the Lone Wolf, for his is the path of self-sufficiency.

Legend has it that Fenmarel was once Lolth's lover, one of the first to be seduced by her power and promises, but he turned away from her before completely slipping over to the dark side – for which she has never forgiven him. Neither has Fenmarel forgiven Lolth for her breach of faith with the elven race, and thus he hates drow.

The church of Fenmarel is regarded with a great deal of suspicion and hostility in most elven societies, for many of his followers in such areas are considered to be little better than outlaws, even if their exile is voluntary. Only in isolated tribes that actively venerate the Lone Wolf (usually to the exclusion of all other deities) are his faithful accorded respect for the practical lessons of survival that they teach. Among other races, Fenmarel and his followers are either unknown or spoken of as primitive followers of a savage god, both of whom are better left undisturbed.

The followers of the Lone Wolf can be loosely divined into two camps, neither of which constructs temples to the god. Elven outcasts, who either remove themselves or are forcibly banished from elven society, are loners by nature who rarely even seek out other members of their faith, let alone join with them in formal worship. Similarly, isolated, primitive tribes of elves are unlikely to construct edifices of any sort, let alone a temple. However both types of worshiper construct personal shrines to the god, the location of which is always kept secret, even from fellow worshipers. The composition of such shrines varies widely from individual to individual and from tribe to tribe,but most shrines of Fenmarel include some common elements. Typically located in a hidden hollow or niche of some sort, shrines often contain bones, teeth, or claws representing the savagery of the world as well as sticks and leaves representing the environment in which both protection and sustenance may be found. Exiles often include a personal token symbolizing the reasons for their separation from elven society.


The Fenmaren church has no affiliated knightly orders for obvious reasons.

Among the wild elves, every able-bodied adult of the tribe fights for the Lone Wolf. Thus, in a sense the entire tribe acts as the militant arm of the faith.


For the most part, members of Fenmarel's clergy are found only among hands of feral elves in the wilderness. Outcasts from elven society who make their way among other cultures are typically lay followers and not priests. Members of Fenmarel's clergy instruct their fellows in the skills first taught by the god, including how to spy, survive on their own, engage in deceptions and guerilla tactics, and use poisons to take down enemies with subtlety, but otherwise they have few formal responsibilities aside from ensuring their personal survival.

Novices of Fenmarel are known as the Lost. Full priests of the Lone Wolf are known as the Unbowed or Lone Wolves. Fenmarel's priests create their own individual titles or forgo them altogether. The priesthood is comprised of mostly of wild elves, wood elves, and fewer moon elves, and a number of half-elves of various ancestries. The clergy of Fenmarel has a slightly higher number of male members (56%) than female members (44%).

Priestly Vestments

The ceremonial garb of Fenmaren priests in primitive bands deep in the wilderness consists of bodies plastered in mud and covered with leaves and sticks. Among more civilized groups, Fenmaren priests garb themselves in hide armor adorned with bones, teeth, and crude drawings of wild beasts. The holy symbol of the faith is a talon or fang of a wild beast slain, without any assistance, by the priest who bears it.

When adventuring, priests of Fenmarel prefer weapons and armor constructed through the use of skills taught by their god, although they employ the best armor and weapons available if need be.


Clerics and druids of Fenmarel pray for their spells at dusk, when darkness begins to settle over the land.

The church of Fenmarel does not celebrate widely recognised holy days. Instead, each individual or band venerates the Lone Wolf in personal worship services of their own devising. Many outcasts mark the day of their personal banishment with private contemplation, while tribes of wild elves mark anniversaries of important events in the group's oral history, many of which are correlate with astronomical events easily noted by the naked eye.

The Lone Wolf is somewhat of an outcast among the Seldarine, his nominal allies, although he supports them in their endless war against the evil drow deities, and particularly the machinations of Lolth. He gets along well only with Solonor Thelandira (believed to be his brother), Shevarash, Gwaeron Windstrom, and Eilistraee. Only the kind-heartedness of Sehanine Moonbow can draw the Lone Wolf back to the other Seldarine on rare occasions.

He has no interest in communicating with members of other pantheons unless absolutely necessary.

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