Coronal of Arvandor, First of the Seldarine, The Protector
Pantheon The Seldarine
Realm Arvandor
Portfolio Magic, music, arts, crafts, war, the elven race (especially sun elves), poetry, bards, warriors
Worshippers Arcane archers, artisans, artists, bards, fighters, good leaders, rangers, poets, sorcerers, warriors, wizards
Domains Good, Magic, Protection, War, Chaos, Elf
Favored Weapon Sahandrian (longsword)

Corellon Larethian

Corellon Larethian is the leader of the Seldarine and the very race of elves is said to have sprung from his blood during his many battles with Gruumsh of the orc pantheon. He embodies the highest ideals of elvenkind, working as a powerful war deity when need be (his longsword Sahandrian is made from a star) and protecting his chosen people with the careful hands of an artisan.

Corellon is a powerful warrior god whose hands protect his creations with the gentleness of a sculptor and the unspeakable power of a master swordswinger. While other deities may reflect the joy, delights, and accomplishments of the Fair Folk, Corellon stands as an ever-vigilant watcher over them. His life spirit flows from and into the elves and their lands, and while mortal elves daydream and enter the reverie, Corellon never abandons his watchfulness. Only when it is time for the Fair Folk to pass from Faerun to Arvandor does he finally cease watching over each elf and allows Sehanine Moonbow to take a larger role in caring for them.

He usually appears as an androgynous elf clad in a sky-blue cloak and armed with a longbow and longsword. He also wears a large, circular amulet that bears his crescent moon symbol.

The elves are both wardens and sculptors of magic's endless mysteries. Through Art and Craft, bring forth the beauty that envelops and let the spirit gambol unfettered. The song of joy and the dance of freedom shall ever soar on the wings of those who dare take flight. Guard against the slow death of stultifying sameness by seeking out new experiences and new ways. Ward against those who seek only to destroy in their inability to create and commune with the natural and mystical world. Be ever vigilant in force of arms and might of magic against any return of the banished darkness, and also be strong in heart against the corruption from within which allowed the Spider Queen to foment the chaos and evil of the Crown Wars.

Corellon is venerated by all the Tel'Quessir who have not turned to dark powers, even those who do not specifically worship him, for the Fair Folk were born of his blood, and they do not forget their debt to the Creator. Likewise, Corellon's role in banishing Lolth and the drow from the surface, thus ending the madness of the Crown Wars, has earned him the eternal, if largely unspoken, gratitude of elves across Faerun.

Corellon's church emphasizes his protective and artisan aspects over his role as ruler of the elves. They watch over the borders of elven land, guard elven communities, help shape the appearance of elven settlements, and create beautiful items for use within the community and trade without. It is rare to find one of his clerics in a position of leadership, although they often act as intermediaries in disputes among the sylvan races and assist elven governments to assure smooth functioning. Curiously, the clergy Corellon's church is somewhat removed from elven society, and the Protector's priesthood is less involved in the governance of elven realms than other races might imagine. While the Protector's followers are held in high esteem for their unflagging contribution to the defense of elven realms and the breathtaking beauty of their artistry, in general their place in elven society reflects the guardian and creative aspects of Corellon's nature far more than his position as Coronal of Arvandor and Ruler of All Elves. Some theologians suggest the warriors and wizards who predominate in positions of authority in elven society in a sense comprise the priesthood of Corellon in his leadership aspect, but this view is not widely accepted.

Corellon is venerated in rocky areas of natural beauty, always with a special place for viewing the moon and stars. Temples of the Protector are rare, however, since the elves are individualistic when it comes to his worship. Shrines are more common, but they are little more than clearings with a good view of the sky. His temples are shaped from great natural geological formations, including shallow caves entered from above, natural amphitheaters, and great rock spires. Trees and other plants are woven into such edifices, resulting in great natural cathedrals woven of stone and plants.

Corellon is the divine patron of many knightly orders, many of which claim to trace their heritage and membership hack to the Time of Flowers. Such orders are typically composed largely of warriors and wizards (particularly fighter-mages), but their composition has varied widely over the millennia and from culture to culture.

Notable orders in ages past have included the Knights of the Golden Wyrm, the Blade of Sahandrian, the Fey Staghorns, and the Swords of the Seldarine. On Evermeet, the Wings of Yathaghera, the Knights of the Alicorn, the Weavers of Bladesong, and the Vassals of the Reverend Ones are all pledged to support the Protector in the defense of the Green Isle. Few orders have remained on the mainland of Faerun since the Retreat began, but of those that remain, the Swords of Evereska are the most notable for their unwavering defense of that alpine vale.

Fellowship of the Forgotten Flower

Outside of elven homelands, the most frequently encountered agents of an elven knightly order belong to the Fellowship of the Forgotten Flower, a loosely structured organization dedicated to the recovery of lost elven relics from long-abandoned elven realms.

Priests of Corellon are expected to serve actively in the defense and artistic development of elven communities and to work to mediate disputes that arise among the Fair Folk or between the elves and other sylvan deities. In service to the Protector, many Corellite priests serve in the armed forces of their homeland, defending elf-claimed territories from the relentless expansion of other races and training their fellow elves in combat skills and magic. Others work closely with elven artisans and craftsfolk instructing them in the skills they need to create works of wondrous beauty, as well as using their own creative talents in similar pursuits.

Finally, members of Corellon's priesthood are often called upon to act as diplomats and arbitrators between the various clergies, the various subraces of elves, the various classes of elven society, and even between elven communities. While few priests of the Coronal of Arvandor actually serve as rulers or councilors, many work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth functioning of government.

Because elves are so long-lived, Corellon's clerics can afford to spend years observing potential recruits before initiating them into the mysteries of the faith. Once a new cleric-to-be accepts an invitation to join the clergy, she spends much time in meditation, quiet academic study, and artistic endeavors.

Novices of Corellon are known as the Faerna. Full priests of the Protector are known as the Faernsuora or Feywardens. In ascending order of rank, the titles used by Corellite priests are Aegisess (Protector), Adoness (Peacekeeper), Kerynsuoress (Holy Warrior), Ivae'ess (Lightbringer), Avae'ess (Joy-bringer), Syolkiir (Wildstar), Lateu'suoress (Crescent-Moonblessed), Araegisess (Great Protector), Aradoness (Great Peacekeeper), and Ark-erynsuoress (Great Holy Warrior). High-ranking priests have unique individual titles but are collectively known as the Cormiira (Blessings of Corellon).

The clergy of Corellon includes gold elves (33%), moon elves (30%), wood elves (15%), various other subraces of elves (10%), and even half-elves of various ancestries (12%). The clergy of Corellon contains a few more males (55%) than females (45%).

Priestly Vestments

Ceremonial vestments for priests of Corellon - often worn in normal situations by choice, although such attire is not required - consist of azure robes made of gossamer and embroidered with silver quarter moons. Silver circlets engraved with the Protector's symbol are worn on the brow. The holy symbol of the faith is a silver or mithral lunate pendant worn on an slender chain hung from the neck.

When adventuring, Corellon's priests generally favor sky blue cloaks, elven chain mail, long swords, and long bows in conscious imitation of their divine patron. Leather, studded leather armor, or elven chain mail is favored in situations requiring stealth, in addition to elven cloaks and boots, whereas elven chain mail or elven plate mail (or N'Tel'Quess approximations) are favored in situations requiring direct melee combat.

Corellon Larethian is worshipped at natural geological formations. His rituals are integrated with the major events of elven life, such as births, coming of age rites, weddings, and funerals.

Corellon's faithful celebrate a great number of holy days, most of which are tied to astronomical events and occur only once every few years (such as Shieldmeet) or decades. Of particular import, once per lunar month, when the crescent moon softly illuminates the night sky, Corellon's faithful gather in moonlit glades to celebrate the gifts of their deity in a festival known as Lateu'quor, the Forest Communion of the Crescent Moon. Devotees of the Protector offer up their praises through music, song, dance, and the offering up of their most beautiful creations.

Prayers to Corellon, which are always in Elvish, begin “Hei-Corellon shar-shelevu,” which means, “Corellon, by your grace grant…” Before battle, worshippers of Corellon recite a prayer called the Litany of Arrows.

As the leader of The Seldarine, he receives their respect and honour. Among his truest friends are the rulers of the other demihuman pantheons: Moradin, Yondalla, and Garl Glittergold.

Gruumsh One-Eye became Corellon's greatest enemy after Corellon plucked out the orc-god's eye in ancient times. The entire orc pantheon hates Corellon intensely. Corellon opposes the deities of the goblinoids as well, also being at odds with Cyric, Talos, Malar, and Moander. Corellon was also the one to banish Araushnee to the Abyss, resulting into her transformation into Lolth, the spider-bodied demon goddess of the evil drow. Corellon can count all evil drow gods as enemies for this. The only exception is his daughter Eilistraee, whom he cleared of all charges.