Father of Battle, Lord of The Twin Axes, The Rock of Battle
Pantheon Morndinsamman (Dwarven)
Realm Dwarfhome
Portfolio Battle, War, Valor, Bravery, Honor in Battle
Worshippers Barbarians, Dwarven Defenders, Dwarves, Fighters, Monks, Paladins, Soldiers, Strategist, Tacticians, Warriors
Domains Good, Law, Strength, War
Favored Weapon Giantbane (Battleaxe))

Clangeddin Silverbeard

Clangeddin Silverbeard is the Father of Battle and primary dwarven war god. All dwarves who must fight, especially dwarves who are warriors by profession, worship Clangeddin, their patron and exultant leader in war. He encourages valor in battle, weapon-mastery and training, and wisdom in war, and most often manifests his powers to further these aims. Clangeddin is concerned with war as a way of life and is very different from Moradin in this respect.

War is the finest hour of dwarvenkind. Seize the opportunity to defend the Stout Folk and ensure their victory wherever conflict does erupt. Revel in the challenge of a good fight, and never waver in the face of adversity, no matter how ominous. When not fighting, prepare for the next conflict physically, tactically, and by acquiring resources. Attack hill giants whenever possible and other evil giants when necessary.

Death on the field of battle is never welcomed and lives should never be thrown away foolishly. However, if necessary for victory, the highest service that followers of the Father of Battle can perform is to sacrifice themselves for the cause on the field of battle by protecting as many other dwarves as possible.

The Father of Battle, one of the senior members of the Morndinsamman, and his followers are widely revered throughout dwarven culture for their dedication and martial skill. More pacifistic members of dwarven society may wish Clangeddin's priests were less belligerent, but none question their crucial role in the continued survival of the dwarven race. Among other races, Clangeddin and his followers are often perceived as little more than bloodthirsty berserkers, but those who fight alongside the Father of Battle's followers quickly leam of their principled approach to warfare and the lengths to which they will go to defend their fellow dwarves and allies.


The members of Clangeddin's clergy, known as alaghor (“those who demonstrate valor in battle”) form an elite warrior caste in many clans, maintaining their positions by training hard physically every day. They are always preparing for war, physically, tactically, and by acquiring resources. To ensure dwarven victory in every open fray, priests of Clangeddin try to further the weapon training, tactical training, and battle skills of every living dwarf. Weaponcrafting and training are required for all worshipers of the god, and priests of the god pass on their battle knowledge at an almost frantic rate to all dwarves who will lend an ear. Priests of Clangeddin seek to make the dwarves ever stronger on the battlefield and are always alert for new tactics, traps, and weapons.

The anniversaries of past battles hold special significance for the alaghor. On such occasions, the clerics break old weapons anointed with their own blood and recount tales of fallen heroes that they might never be forgotten. More disturbing (at least from the perspective of their enemies) are the frenzied war chants in which the alaghor engage during the heat of battle. Known as ehontar (“songs giving fear to the hearts of the craven”), these low, droning songs bolster the spirits of nearby dwarves, assuring them that Clangeddin immediately enlists in his celestial army those who fall furthering the destiny of the dwarves or protecting their holdings. Alaghor know they will die in combat; the rest is merely a matter of timing.

Priestly Vestments

Clangeddin's priests wear silver chain mail armor, war helms, and tabards depicting the symbol of the Father of Battle as their ceremonial garb. Priests of Clangeddin seldom take off their helms, although there is no prohibition against doing so. The holy symbol of the faith is a pair of miniature steel battle axes welded together in a cross; this is typically suspended on a chain and worn around the neck.

Clangeddin maintains good relations with the other members of the Morndinsamman, with the notable exceptions of Abbathor and the duergar deities. He works closely with Moradin, Gorm, and Marthammor, and regards Haela as both a daughter and a protege. The Father of Battle works closely with the gods of the gnome pantheon, particularly Gaerdal Ironhand, and he has forged strong alliances with Arvoreen, the Red Knight, Torm, and Tyr.

The most hated enemies of the Father of Battle are Grolantor and his hill giant followers, followed closely by Karontor, Memnor, Kostchtchie, Vaprak, Surtr, and Thrym, plus the various evil giant races that revere them. According to Clangeddin, the only good giant deity is a dead giant deity. Since the Time of Troubles, Clangeddin has nursed a grudge against Labelas Enoreth, elven god of time and longevity, for destroying his avatar form in a battle that raged across the isle of Ruathym

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