Lord of Murder
Pantheon Faerunian
Portfolio Assassination, murder, death
Worshippers Assassins, murderers
Domains Death, Destruction, Evil, Retribution
Favored Weapon Unknown


Despite his most common title, Bhaal was the god of death, but he especially favoured violent or ritual deaths. Patron of assassins, Bhaal was feared throughout Faerûn until he was killed.

Bhaalists believed that every murder commited strengthened holy Bhaal. As a result, they viewed murder as both a pastime and a duty. Bhaalists were required to deal death once in every tenday during the darkest period at the heart of the night. If imprisonment or other constraining circumstances made this impossible, they had to murder twice for each death missed. In accordance with the Lord of Murder's teachings, Bhaalists strove to ensure before they died, murder victims knew who was killing them and that their death was in the name of Bhaal. Novices of Bhaal were charged as follows: “Make all folk fear Bhaal. Let your killings be especially elegant, or grisly, or seem easy so that those observing them are awed or terrified. Tell folk that gold proffered can make the Lord of Murder overlook them for today”.

Bhaal, the Lord of Murder, was originally a mortal and one of the Dead Three. Along with Bane and Myrkul, Bhaal took the portfolios of the ancient deity Jergal.

During the Time of Troubles, when the gods were forced to walk Faerûn, Bhaal was slain by the upstart mortal Cyric using a sword named Godsbane.

Some believe that part of Bhaal's divinity remains in the Winding Water, around Boarskyr Bridge where he was slain, his blood having flowed into the river.

It is said that when Bhaal perished so did all of his worshippers - while other stories claim that all assassins perished at the same instant. It is unknown exactly what happened to most of his followers, but it seems likely that they were subsumed by the churches of other gods.

Pockets of cultists remain to this day, devoted to returning their deity to life.

A wholly evil, debased and sadistic god, Bhaal was served by the goddesses Talona and Loviatar who in turn served Bane and to a lesser extent, Myrkul.