The Black Hand, The Black Lord, Lord of Darkness
Alignment1) Lawful Evil
Pantheon Faerunian
Realm The Barrens of Doom & Despair
Portfolio Strife, hatred, fear, tyrrany
Worshippers Blackguards, conquerors, fighters, monks, tyrants, wizards
Domains Evil, Destruction, Hatred, Law, Tyranny
Favored Weapon The Black Hand (Gauntlet or Morningstar)


The twisted halls of Zhentil Keep echo with malign invocations chanted in shadowy temples throughout Faerun. Bane, the Lord of Darkness, has conquered death itself, returning to the world to give dark inspiration to a thousand intrigues, to foment fear and hatred in civilized lands, and to reassure the common mortal that tyranny, though it may suffer occasional defeat, will never die.

Serve no one but Bane. Fear him always and make others fear him even more than you do. The Black Hand always strikes down those who stand against it in the end. Defy Bane and die - or in death find loyalty to him, for he shall compel it. Submit to the word of Bane as uttered by his ranking clergy, since true power can only be gained through service to him. Spread the dark fear of Bane. It is the doom of those who do not follow him to let power slip through their hands. Those who cross the Black Hand meet their dooms earlier and more harshly than those who worship other deities.

Once a mortal whose ambition for conquest over the world led him into a pact with mortals Bhaal and Myrkul in a quest for godhood, Bane and his allies each gained a third of Jergal's portfolio and dominated their areas of concern for centuries.

During the Time of Troubles (1358 DR), Bane was slain by Torm in a furious battle in the harbor of Tantras. Immediately following this, Bane's church fragmented, with most of the faithful defecting to the clergies of Cyric (who inherited Bane's portfolios) and Iyachtu Xvim (the progeny of Bane's coupling with a powerful demon).

Banite propagandists claim that, on Midwinter night of 1372 DR, Xvim burst in a conflagration of diabolical green light. Fom the smoking husk of his remains emerged a newly reinvigorated Bane, his right hand ablaze with green fire. Within days, the Xvimlar clergy had converted to the worship of Bane, and a great evil once again cast its calculating stare over the lands of Faerun.


Priests of Bane have a variety of titles within their organization, depending on location and position. They tend to be grandiose and threatening (High Imperceptor, Grand Bloodletter, etc.).

Priestly Vestments

Ceremonial dress for Banites is black armor with blood-red capes. The more prosperous the priest, the finer the workmanship of the armor. Facial tattoos are common among Banites, which unfortunately makes them stand out in cities. High-level officers in the hierarchy wear gems on their foreheads.

When adventuring, priests of Bane retain the black armor. Wizards who follow Bane prefer long, flowing, black and red robes. Neither group would wear such gear if it would expose them to persecution or hamper their service to their god. Usually, extensive facial tattoos among Banites is enough to identify them.

Bane hates virtually the entire Faerunian pantheon, but holds special antipathy for Torm, Cyric, Mystra, Tempus, Helm, Lathander, Oghma, and Ilmater, in that order. He established a working relationship with Loviatar, Mask, and Talona, but as these deities desperately fear him, the alliances are not strong.

Clerics must be within '1 step' of their deity's alignment
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