The High One, Patron of Mages, Lord of Spells
Alignment1) Lawful Neutral
Pantheon Faerunian
Realm Dweomerheart
Portfolio Wizards, mages, spellcasters in general
Worshippers Philosophers, sages, sorcerers, wizards, monks (Shining Hand)
Domains Illusion, Knowledge, Magic, Law, Spell
Favored Weapon “The Old Staff” (quarterstaff)


A deity concerned with the advancement and preservation of the magical arts, Azuth is worshipped by all manner of spellcasters (and wizards in particular). The Lord of Spells has long acted as an advisor to the sitting deity of raw magic, Mystra.

Reason is the best way to approach magic, and magic can be examined and reduced to its component parts through study and meditation. Maintain calm and use caution in your spellcasting and magic use to avoid making mistakes that even magic cannot undo. Use the Art wisely, and always be mindful of when it is best not to use magic. Teach the wielding of magic and dispense learning throughout Faerun that the use and knowledge of magic may spread. Live and teach the idea that with magical power comes grave responsibility. Learn every new spell you discover and make a copy for the temple library. Do not hoard your knowledge, and encourage creativity in magic in all ways and at all times.

Legends tell that Azuth was once a mortal wizard who coveted power, researching the arcane lore of a dozen fallen empires in an effort to further his magical study. His dedication is said to have led to Mystra naming him her first Magister, a position created to recognize her most promising pupil. This title would not be enough to sate the mortal wizard's lust for power, however, and tales tell that the mortal Azuth took Mystra for a lover and imprisoned the deity Savras, taking his divinity and binding it to himself.

Azuthan clergy tend to be folk who love magic for its own sake. They do not exeult in power, for that is the tendency of those who enjoy what magic can allow them to do to others, but in in elegance, complexities of dweomer, and deft use of spells. Azuth's clergy is comprised of wizards, clerics and a small number of monks, and relationships between the three groups are fairly good.

In areas where Azuth has temples, shrines, and monastic communities, the ruling clergy member holds the title of “the First” and is addressed as “Revered One.” Other clergy members in large clerical communities have expanded on this idea: The most powerful user of alteration magic is called First Transmuter, the leading specialist in divination magic is First Diviner, etc. The First may bestow or revoke such titles within his or her parish. Clergy members of high rank and long years in the church are granted the title of Master. Azuthan clergy eschew most further titles.


Order of the Forgotten Page

Azuth clergy members who have done great service in recovering magical knowledge thought lost are often voted into the Order of the Forgotten Page by the Firsts of the church and allowed to wear a special silver trim on the collars of their ceremonial vestments.


Azuthan clergy members very often serve as messengers between mages. They strive to remain above reproach and to be regarded as trusted neutral parties by all. They organize annual Mage Fairs, and at those Mage Fairs they try to settle feuds, curb overly destructive or deceitful magic, and sponsor spellweaving contests. They also give out scrolls of the winning spells from previous years and small, useful magical items as prizes in these contests.

Most wizards see the priesthood as helpful, but members of the church of Azuth may go to great lengths to serve a prime goal that many wizards do not find so pleasing: They try to ensure that no spell or magical item is unique to one mage in Faerûn so that the death of a single wizard does not take any spell or the knowledge of how to construct an item out of the world forever. Azuthan clergy members do this by magical spying (and even temporary thefts), by copying every wizardly writing they can find including command words and cryptic phrases (not just complete incantations), by encouraging the barter of spells, and by organizing tome drives in which wizards are paid handsomely to contribute a spell to the latest folio of the ongoing Azuthan spell syclopedia (a written collection of spells from various mages duplicated magically in bulk, bound, and distributed by the priesthood for a minor fee covering production costs).

Priestly Vestments

The vestments of the priesthood of Azuth are shimmering gray and usually made of silk, though these are layered with heavier and more sensible materials in the North. The symbol of Azuth is worn on the chest, and the color of the aura on the symbol denotes an individual's rank in the church. Most acolytes, monks, mage apprentices, and adventurers have a yellow aura surrounding the symbol of Azuth. Higher level adventurers and clergy members at large without official position wear symbols with a red aura. When not used to identify rank, the symbol of Azuth has a blue aura. In the North, usually only the forefinger of Azuth's symbol is shown ablaze. From Chessenta southward—notably in Halruaa—the entire hand is surrounded by flame.

Savras grudgingly serves Azuth, as does the generally untrustworthy Velsharoon.

Clerics must be within '1 step' of their deity's alignment
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