Frostmaiden, Icedawn, the Cold Goddess
Pantheon Faerunian
Realm Fury's Heart
Portfolio Cold, winter
Worshippers Druids, elemental archons (air or water), frost giants, inhabitants of cold climates, rangers
Domains Air, evil, storm, water
Favored Weapon Icemaiden's Caress (Battleaxe)


Auril is a fickle, vain and evil deity, who is primarily venerated out of fear. She is most powerful in those regions that are affected by deep winters or crouch at the edges of the Great Glacier.

Cover all the lands with ice. Quench fire wherever it is found. Let in the winds and the cold; cut down windbreaks and chop holes in walls and roofs that my breath may come in. Work in darkness to hide the cursed sun so that the chill I bring may slay. Take the life of an arctic creature only in great need, but slay others at will. Make all Faerun fear me.

Auril's clergy are commanded to revere her and sing her praises into any chill breeze or winter wind. They are to make all creatures fear or worship her and to bring down her cold power against all so that all may know her and quake before her. They are not to raise their hands against any other priest of Auril.

Auril's history is unknown, though various folktales paint her as having origins among the fey.

Auril is feared and worshiped in order to hold off the depredations of the harsh winters with which she threatens Faerûn. Trappers, miners, and settlers in the North, some barbarians and inhabitants of the Great Glacier, and residents of the lands crouching at any glacier’s edge revere her and honor her in attempts to placate her cold fury come winter time. In recent years, winters have been getting longer and colder, and more and more folk have been making the prayers to Auril that her clergy urge be done. A few clans of frost giants are led by shamans in her service.

Priestesses of Auril roam the lands of Faerûn, especially in the North, though her clergy are now being seen more often in the Heartlands. Auril’s church has a few males within its ranks, but most clergy of the Frostmaiden are female. Auril's clergy is loosely organized, many clerics are independent wanderers, and the main goals of most followers is to intimidate common folk and make them venerate the Frostmaiden to avoid reprisals from her clergy, or to have them make donations to her church. Some of her powerful clerics can accumulate impressive personal wealth in this manner, some of which they sacrifice as offerings to Auril.

Most priests of Auril use only the honorific “Hand of Auril” or “Icebreath,” but at temples such as the House of Auril’s Breath at Glister the clergy use formal titles. In ascending order, these are: Postulant, Votre, Icewind, Storm Sister/Storm Brother, Frosttouch, Lady/Lord Cold, Lady/Lord Deep Winter, Lady/Lord Cold Circle, and High Hand of Ice.

Priestly Vestments

Priests of Auril wear ice-white ceremonial robes with blue piping. The robes are cinched at the waist by a very wide silver belt, which also holds the requisite ceremonial ice axe. The ice axe bears the snowflake-in-lozenge symbol of the faith. (The ice axe is treated as a hand axe for combat purposes.) A silver circlet on the head is the final touch.

When adventuring, most priests of Auril wear at least the circlet, the belt, and the ice axe with their normal day-to-day clothes. They usually wear only what clothing they think enhances their appearance, not necessarily what others are wearing for the weather. They never encumber themselves with excessive clothing or large sleeping bundles, preferring to travel light for maximum mobility.

Auril, along with Malar, Umberlee, and their superior Talos, is a member of the Deities of Fury. Umberlee and Auril cooperate with some degree of confidence, while Malar and Auril despise each other.

Kossuth and Auril are mortal enemies, but their followers seldom come across each other. Sune opposes Auril, as she blames her for the destruction of much that is beautiful. Uthgar hates Auril as she has turned the Elk Tribe away from his worship.