The Overgod
Pantheon Unknown
Realm Unknown
Portfolio Unknown
Worshippers Unknown
Domains Unknown
Favored Weapon Unknown


Ao stands outside of the power struggles of deities in Faerûn. A quiet and distant being, Ao is the overgod of Toril.

Ao has supreme power over all the deities of Toril, is capable of demoting, banishing, or destroying any of them, and can elevate mortals to any level of divinity if they accept the responsibilities and duties of the divine state. No being can be promoted to divinity without his approval. He is impervious to all attacks, even by a concerted effort of all the divine powers, and has no known realm among the planes. Ao is essentially the god of the deities of Faerûn.

He is responsible for the creation of the first deities of Toril and for maintaining the cosmic balance. Ao was completely unknown to mortals before the Time of Troubles. His presence was made known when he single-handedly banished all the deities to walk Faerûn in mortal forms as punishment because many of them had abdicated their responsibilities.

He answers no mortal's prayer, grants no spells to mortals, and has not been heard from since the end of the Godswar. It is unknown if established the foundation of the cosmology of Toril or if that structure is something that evolved over time from the interaction of the deities.

Several cults devoted to the Overgod formed in the wake of the Time of Troubles, but Ao does not acknowledge these cults nor gift them with clerical powers.

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