The Lady of Air, Lady of the Winds, Queen of Air
Pantheon Faerunian
Realm Elemental Plane of Air
Portfolio Elemental air, Flying creatures, Movement, Speed
Worshippers Animal breeders, air elemental archons , rangers, rogues, sailors
Domains Air, Illusion, Travel, Trickery
Favored Weapon Whirlwind (heavy flail)


Akadi is the whispering wind and the blinding gale storm, her form changing from season to season. Her kiss might be moist and sweet or bitter and cold. Uncaring, she carries sounds and scents along on her journey, but she never pauses to impress upon a traveller the importance of her travels. In religious art she is often portrayed as a huge, translucent blue woman with gigantic feathery wings that trail away into clouds. Her wings are said to toss the winds about the surface of Faerûn.

The teachings of the Akadian church amount to a doctrine of finding one’s own enlightenment. The church feels that one can only find truth in what one is interested in and as soon as interest fails, all chance of finding further spiritual growth has left an activity or place. Therefore, the faithful must move from activity to activity, from place to place, pursuing a personal dream or series of interests and growing through the changing experiences each new day brings. The church pays little attention to resistance to its doctrine; such obstacles will be worn down over time. Few matters are ever deemed so important that the church feels the need to commit itself to a particular cause. The only stance that the Akadian faith takes adamantly is that its members and its priests should not be fettered or imprisoned; such a condition rapidly leads to the onset of depression among the faithful and a languishing death.

Novices in the Akadian faith are charged as follows: “The eternal Akadi is change personified. Each new day reveals to us a new side of her. Strive to be as flexible as she is. Pursue everything that interests you in turn. Look at problems from as many viewpoints as possible to achieve the most creative answer. View life as an art form to create anew around you each day to your benefit and that of Akadi. The freedom to move about and to soar on the breeze of life is one of the inherent rights of every living thing. Fly forth and spread the word of Akadi and show through your works the fresh new life she brings.”

During the Time of Troubles, she was not spotted in the Realms.

Since the Godswar, the Akadian church has added a small order of mystics and an order of crusaders to the church to round out the capabilities of the priesthood. In primitive or nomadic societies (such as those of the Tuigan), Akadi is served by shamans. Few priests of Akadi ever settle down in one place, so few communities feel threatened or benefited by the appearance of an Akadian priest. Akadian priests blow into a town or village upon the morning breeze and are typically gone by the time the sun sets. A philosophy of incessant movement and wanderlust has ingrained itself into the church of Akadi, and few temples exist to the Lady of the Winds. Those that do are most often openair circles of wooden poles adorned with feathers and streamers that flutter in the slightest breeze.

Listening to the wind, traveling beneath the stars of Faerûn, pursuing personal interests of the moment, and speaking to others of the glories of Akadi dominate most priests’ lives. Some priests become almost obsessively involved in “life experiments” of a practical or esoteric nature. For instance, some may become deeply involved in breeding faster and sleeker hawks or running hounds, others may decide to see how orcs adapt to fierce and freakish windstorms, and yet others may spend endless hours trying to develop artificial wings for cats. Yet, once any project is no longer fun or interesting, Akadian priests drop it like a lead weight and move on to something new no matter how much time they have already invested in the activity.


Priests of the faith travel across Faerûn, spreading the word of Akadi at each opportunity. They often lecture on the joys that the freedom of Akadi brings, but seldom stop to argue semantics or principles with those who would them, choosing instead to sew the seeds of the Queen of Air and then continue along to “wherever the winds take them.” This tendency to spout high-sounding verbiage has led to more than one Akadian priest being called a “windbag” in several senses of the word.

The priests of Akadi are divided up between the Whisper and the Roar. These are not rankings within the church or even a division between those clergy members with parish territories and those of an adventuring bent. Rather, these are distinctions in philosophy of action. Those who follow the Whisper typically work behind the scenes, seldom showing themselves to be a member of the church of Akadi. Members of the Roar are much more direct about their involvement in the affairs of Faerûn. The disparate and unfocused nature of the activities of the church of Akadi as a whole has left few in Faerûn viewing it as any sort of threat, although personally ambitious members of the church can sometimes wreak havoc in a particular region. Akadi’s priests are organized mostly into “churches” formed of small cliques who follow a particularly charismatic Akadian. These cliques shift and flow over tune as the group politics lead to some members rising in status, others falling, and others leaving in disgust or empowered by the inspiring message of their leader to begin a new church in a far-off land. This sort of organization is very fluid and often very confusing to those outside the faith, as such folk are never sure who will be in charge in a tenday and therefore who to hold responsible for living up to agreements and contracts. Most Akadians have a reputation for being untrustworthy because of this very problem in their faith’s organization. When tune comes due for an Akadian to live up to a promise, frequently the answer received is: “I’m so sorry, that’s not my job anymore”—if one can find the Akadian the deal was struck with in the first place!

Novice Akadians are referred to as Fledglings. Upon undergoing a personally designed rite of empowerment supervised by at least two senior clergy (and usually involving flying), they become full priests. In ascending order of rank, the titles in general use by the priesthood are: Winged One (full priest), Air of the Goddess, Breeze of Light, Zephyr (senior priest), Mistral, Sirocco (leader of a large “church”), and Whirlwind (leader of a very large church or priest of great experience). A priest who has slain or soundly defeated an enemy of the church (usually a high-ranking priest of Grumbar or an earthbased creature of power) may add the honorific “High” to the beginning of his or her title.

Priestly Vestments

Priests of Akadi dress for rituals in robes of white, light gray, and light blue, representing the many faces of their goddess. Silk is a preferred material in vestments, as its flowing nature pleases the goddess, and rare silks dyed in flowing or rippling patterns of blue or white are highly prized. Many priests wear jewelry of milky opal, crystal quartz, augelite, turquoise, beryllonite, blue spinel, or sapphire, and these are the stones from which Akadian holy symbols are constructed. Air elementals blow fine grit over one of these gemstones, thereby inscribing Akadi’s symbol; the stone is set into a piece of jewelry, forming a holy symbol.

Adventuring priests and Akadian clergy members on the road dress practically, though they favor clothes or accessories of white, light gray, and light blue. They recognize that traveling through the countryside on the enemy element of earth requires heavier clothing to shield oneself from that harsh element. They typically confine their use of silk to a scarf or decorative vest and pack their ceremonial vestments carefully to protect them.

Akadi is allied with Shaundakul and Aerdrie Faenya, as both share her love of flight and travel and aerial creatures. Her enemies include Grumbar, who opposes all she stands for, and other earthbound and unchanging powers.

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