The Winged Mother, Lady of Air and Wind, Queen of the Avariel, She of the Azure Plumage, Bringer of Rain and Storms
Pantheon Elven
Realm Arvandor (The Aerie)
Portfolio Air, Weather, Avians, Rain, Fertility, Avariel
Worshippers Bards, Druids, Elves, Rangers, Sorcerers, Travelers, Winged beings
Domains Air, Animal, Chaos, Elf, Good, Storm
Favored Weapon Thunderbolt (Quarterstaff)

Aerdrie Faenya

Aerdrie Faenya is the Elven goddess of the air, weather, and birds. As the bringer of rain, she is the closest the Fair Folk have to a fertility goddess. She is both an aspect of Angharradh and one of the three Elven goddesses - the other two being Hanali Celanil and Sehanine Moonbow - who collectively serve alongside Corellon in leading the Seldarine.

Aerdrie is the Elven expression of freedom and impulse, and she dislikes being tied down to any one place for too long. Aerdrie delights in the sound of wind instruments and in creating unpredictable atmospheric conditions, including fairly severe or violent thunderstorms on occasion, but her primary joy is simply feeling the air run past her with the ground far below.

The Winged Mother is a somewhat distant goddess who rarely involves herself in Elven culture, and she is far more chaotic than the rest of the Seldarine. Of all the Elven races, only Aerdrie takes a keen interest in the Avariel, and few of them remain in the Realms.

The ever-changing reaches of the sky are the great gift of the Winged Mother. Take flight into her windswept embrace, and gambol amid the clouds. Honor those who dwell with the Aerdrie and cherish the birds dancing on her tresses. Change is beautiful and chaos births new life. Ascend, soar, glide, dive, and ascend again and relish in the freedom that the Winged Mother bequeaths. The air is the breath of life.

At one time, the Winged Mother's followers where composed largely of Avariel, much like Deep Sashelas was and is worshiped primarily by Aquatic Elves. However, unlike their aquatic kin, the Winged Elves have been nearly wiped out by the dragons before the First Flowering, and what was believed to be the last of the race in Faerûn flew westward before the start of the Crown Wars.

Today, Gold, Moon, Wood and Wild elves who desire certain weather conditions pay homage to Aerdrie. Her small church is also popular with Elves who possess flying mounts. The Lady of Air and Wind is revered by all non-evil avians, particularly Aarakocra and other sentient avians, but their numbers are small and declining as well. She is also called on by Elves oppressed by overly lawful creatures.

Like Aerdrie herself, her clergy, as a rule, enjoy freedom and do not like to be confined to small spaces. Aerdrie’s temples, known as Aeries, are usually built on high hilltops, or mountaintops. As a result, only the most dedicated Elves actually become priests and priestess’. This is one of the reasons why her church is very small, compared to those of the other members of the Seldarine.

Aerdrie Faenya’s clergy decorate her temples in manners that she approves of. Most have delicate crystalline spires, soft breezes, pleasant chimes, and colorful avian plumage. Some of her temples in the higher regions of Faerûn's many mountains have created a very unique way of celebrating Aerdrie Faenya. They have carved out tunnels in the mountains they inhabit, creating honeycombing that would make a beholder proud. When the wind blows in these caverns, they produce whistling music, each note different, depending on the size and shape of the tunnel.


The Wing of Plumed Kingfishers is an aerial military order composed primarily of Moon and Sun Elven fighters and rangers. Before the power of Elven civilization began to ebb in Faerûn, this order patrolled the skies above most forests of the Realms, protecting the land-bound elves below from threats above. Today only two major branches of the ancient order of Plumed Kingfishers survive, The Wing of the Green Isle and The Wing of the Evereskan Eyrie, based in Evermeet and Evereska respectively.


Aerdrie's priesthood is primarily concerned with exploration and maintaining good relations with sentient avian races, such as Giant Eagles, or Aarakocra. With the decline of the Avariel, few Elven priests of the Winged Mother are capable of flight without magical aid. As a result, many Winged Siblings work to create new spells and items by which magical flight is possible, and a few of their more adventuresome brethren seek lost relics of yore that permit the same.

Similarly, members of Aerdrie's clergy raise winged steeds employed by the aerial cavalries of Elven realms and tend cotes of fanciful birds from faroff lands to dwell in formal Elven gardens and to supply the molted plumage employed in Elven fashions. As servants of the Bringer of Rain and Storms, Aerdrie's priests work closely with elves involved in agriculture and horticulture to ensure favorable weather systems for their crops. Winged Brothers and Sisters are also charged with destroying evil avians as the Lady of Air and Winds considers them perversions of nature.

Novices of her church are called Eaglets, or The Tethered. Full priests and priestess’ are called Winged Brothers or Winged Sisters, depending on gender. Each individual church usually has it’s own unique ranking system, however, that get more and more specific depending on power, prestige and duties. Some of these titles include Aquiline Hunter, Cloud Walker, Feathered Dancer, Rain Bringer, Rising Thermal, Silent Screech, Sky Diver, Soaring Spirit, Wind Chaser and Halcyon.

Priestly Vestments

Ceremonial garb for priest of Aerdrie consists of sky-blue robes, with those of high rank wearing the darkest shades. Feathers are used in decorating their clothing and armor, and at least one feather is worn in the hair. The holy symbol of the faith is a feather of great beauty, willingly given after molting by a sentient avian that venerates the Winged Mother. A new feather must be found at least once per year.


The Dance of Swirling Wind is a semiannual festival held on the vernal and autumnal equinoxes to celebrate the changing seasons and to honor the Winged Mother. The winds are always strong on such days, no matter where Aerdrie's followers gather. Celebrants make offerings of beautiful feathers and join in an aerial ballet danced to the music of wind instruments played by some of the participants. Those who lack wings or magical means of flight may ride the wind as a gift of the goddess herself.

For the duration of the formal ceremony, recipients of Aerdrie's blessing are usually tethered by long ropes to others who can command their own aerial movements. Once the dance breaks up, however, wind dancers, as they are known, are swept across the forest canopy for miles in a breathtaking flight before settling gently in a sylvan glade not too far from their homes.

Aerdrie maintains close relations only with those powers of the air who share a love of birds and freedom as deeply held as the Lady of Air and Wind. Aerdrie is particularly close with Syranita, the gentle goddess of the Aarakocra, and some theologians speculate the two may eventually merge if the bird-men continue their steady decline. Aerdrie is also close with the avian lords of the Beastlands, particularly the hawk lord. Since the Time of Troubles, Aerdrie has been romantically linked with her long-time ally, the human god Shaundakul, the Rider of the Winds, but this new twist in their relationship is undoubtedly little more than a passing fancy, at least on the Winged Mother's part.

Aerdrie is often at odds with Talos and the other Gods of Fury, for they challenge her control of the winds and seek to wield them for purely destructive purposes. The deep antipathy between the Winged Mother and the Auril the Frostmaiden stems from the war in Arvandor between the Seldarine and the anti-Seldarine forces who were arrayed against them. Aerdrie soundly defeated Auril in that battle, forever banishing the Frostmaiden from Arvandor, and the two goddesses have since continued their eternal war on the myriad worlds of the Prime.

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