Quicksilver, The Messenger
Pantheon Draconic
Portfolio Learning, Invention, Pleasure, Fun
Worshippers Brass and copper dragons, dragon disciples
Domains Chaos, Dragon, Luck, Travel, Trickery
Favored Weapon Scimitar/claw


The boon companion of Erevan Ilesere is often depicted as a grinning brass dragon with a golden starburst marking on her turquoise brow. Aasterinian is a cheeky deity who enjoys learning through play, invention and pleasure. She enjoys causing mischief for the sake of it and expects her followers to do no less wherever possible.

Aasterinian encourages those who follow her to think for themselves, rather than believing what others tell them. She abhors self-doubt and criticism, and enjoys upsetting the status quo to keep others on their toes. Flighty and quick-witted, she believes the worst crime is not trusting in yourself.

Elven legends speak of an aspect of Hlal, called Aasterinian, who joins with Erevan the Trickster to defend a settlement of elves from evil creatures, and thus began the long (and notorious) friendship between the two deities. Aasterinian is regarded by many of Erevan's faithful as his equal in ability to get into trouble, but the pair of them are well known as tireless defenders of the Fair Folk as much as they are for their mischievous hedonism.

Worshipers of Aasterinian honor their patron simply by learning and remembering her during moments of pleasure. Quests assigned by the goddess are unpredictable, though they usually involve travel and seeking out new experiences, being more about the journey than the destination. Aasterinian loves all those who enjoy innovation and whimsy, and she is accepting of all dragonblooded races.

Aasterinian has no known temples though shrines do occur in places where worshippers can rest on their travels. Their designs emphasize functionality and comfort, typically containing a library or at least a shelf full of books. Travelers are welcome to take a book from a shrine if they leave one to replace it.


Typically wanderers, clerics of Aasterinian often travel in secrecy or disguise. The majority of them are dragons, or half-dragon humanoids, though scalykind who exhibit sorcerous powers occasionally find that Aasterinian is the most compatible deity for them.


Prayers to Aasterinian often express a desire for change for its own sake. One common line is, “Let today be different from both yesterday and tomorrow.”

Aasterinian maintains a friendly disposition toward the other elven deities. She acts as a messenger to draconic deity Io, and maintains relationships with various draconic deities. She is on good terms with many other fun-loving deities of various races.

Aasterinian's boon companion is Erevan Ilesere, the trickster god of the elves. Erevan and Aasterinian are almost never separated and their legendary adventures inspire younger elves (and dragons!) who dream of emulating the mythic duo's daring exploits.

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