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-<WRAP smaller box bgwhite 250px right> 
-^ {{ https://​i.imgur.com/​nrUkMLV.jpg?​250 }} || 
-^ {{:​portraits:​vanessa delozier.zip/​rar/​7z|Download Portrait}} || 
-^ Race  | Human | 
-^ Gender ​ | Female | 
-^ Age  | Twenties | 
-^ Place of Origin ​ | Melvaunt | 
-^ Occupation ​  | Erudite | 
-^ Patron Deity  | Unknown | 
-^ Affiliations ​ | None |  
-^ Status ​ | Alive | 
-====== Vanessa Delozier ====== 
-//The page is out of print. We are not permanent we're temporary....Temporary. Same old story// 
-Vanessa stands at an average height and weight, and blends in easily with many crowds. Her skin is fair, though easily tans in the summer months and becomes paler in the autumn and winter when the sun is not as prevalent. Her face stands out, perhaps, only because of the effort gone into making it do so. It is free from blemish or mark, but one may suspect that cosmetics come into play to paint a smoother, more evenly colored picture. Her eyes are a light grey; and adorned with paints and shadows used to cause stark contrast. ​ 
-Vanessa'​s black hair is most often tied back in a knot, though would hang to mid back if allowed to fall freely, and with an artificial wave created by heat and magic. When pulled back, it is adorned with silver beads, and barrettes containing intricate patterns. The girl seems to be a fan of jewelry over all, wearing many bangles, chains and rings. ​ 
-Vanessa'​s voice is a mezzo, not overly high nor low, and her clothing is chosen for function as well as style, contrasting deep charcoals and browns with pinks and blues. 
-===== History & Origins ===== 
-Vanessa does not speak overly much of her past, but is quick to engage in friendly conversation about others and will throw in casual tidbits about herself. It is known that she hails from Melvaunt and traveled the Moonsea coasts with trade folk. She speaks of having an instructor, rather than attending a mage college or other such university, but she does often mention formal schooling in the subjects of history, literature, and trade. 
-When asked, she describes herself as an archivist, someone who is skilled at taking notes and keeping ledgers; almost as if her arcane training were secondary to that. Because of this, she pays respects to the First Scribe Denier, though to no more or less extent than she does to Tymora for luck, or Oghma for Wisdom. 
-It is not immediately known why she has traveled from the Moonsea to the Dales, though she does speak of wanting to study the Ghost Hold region and make archives of the Sembian families that once lived there. 
-===== Associations & Affiliations ===== 
-Vanessa was affiliated with the Essembra Guild of Alchemists as a neophyte brewer and administrative clerk, however she informally distanced herself and cut her fresh ties with the guild after their latest scandal. 
-===== Rumors & Gossip ===== 
-Oddly, the main bits of rumor or gossip surrounding Vanessa are that she seems //​obsessed//​ with rumor and gossip. It would not be unfair to call the girl nosy, and she seems very keen on learning , and spreading one scandalous drama or another. 
-==== Submitted Stories ====