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Race Elf (Wood)
Gender Male
Age Around 250ish
Place of Origin Cormanthor
Occupation Adventurer, Avenger
Patron Deity Unknown
Affiliations N/A
Status Alive


A serious looking wood elven male, Soluafin's face is beginning to show signs of gradually becoming creased by the perpetual scowl seen on his features. His sharp green eyes calmly survey his surroundings, and occasionally those within, with a mild hint of disdain and nonchalance. When speaking, he does so quietly, as if to force others to really listen to his words to grasp the meaning behind them.

His appearance is often haggard, weary, and rugged, making it clear from a moment's glance that he prefers to live his life outside of society's bounds. He nearly always wears leather armor, even in the most social of occasions, and it has begun to show subsequent signs of wearing and sun-stains. Upon his left ring finger, a simple silver band remains, and he can often be seen twisting it thoughtfully when he believe he is unwatched. Broaching the subject of it, however, is taboo, and he most often will quickly changes the subject when possible.

His bare body is coursed with thick, wiry muscle, the result of a rough lifestyle within the wilderness, and relatively free of scars. Among those he bears, a large one upon his left pectoral is most noticeable.

Though he keeps his past relatively secret, bits and fragments have been pieced together by the scraps of information he's offered. What's relatively known, to those who ask, is he hails from the Cormanthor forest, near Old Elven Court, and has traveled extensively since leaving its borders. Every now and then, he makes mention of a warband, though what it fought or for what purpose he keeps to himself.

Though nothing like a social butterfly, Soluafin can be seen with a myriad of individuals from time to time, depending on the situation. Mostly these are simple acquaintances, as he tends to keep others at arms length from himself as best he can.

Recently, he can most often be seen around other elves, such as Vesryn or Corym, but in particular he spends much of his time with Sarunielle. He seems to have a modest relationship with Riordan Belgrave and Indithrael, and his dislike, bordering on loathing, of the prominent mage Ly'drin Alar is quite well-noted.

Perhaps most well known for leading a band of adventurers on counter attacks against the drow raiders of Ashabenford, there are rumours that he has a hatred for the dark elves that extends well beyond that of others, though the reasons remain unknown as of yet.

Rumours also exist that he has slain the alleged murderer Keziah for her supposed part in a Selunite priestess' demise. Her body is, as of yet, unfound.