Race Sun Elf
Gender Male
Age Could be around his second century.
Place of Origin Luruar, Silverymoon.
Occupation Scholar, Mentor, Traveller, Head of the Circle of Seven Stars.
Patron Deity Corellon Larethian, Labelas Enoreth, Mystra.
Affiliations Circle of Seven Stars
Status Alive, Often Missing.

Siomir Dy'ner

An Ar'tel'quessir standing at 5'10“. Siomir bears the usual slender features of his race with a healthy bronze complexion. Eyes of Amber peer intently, searching, with a long, well kept mane of sun-spun hair braided on the right side to hang past his face. Appearing unfettered and aloof at first glance, a ghost of a smile haunting his lips, Siomir could be a painting of Elven kind. His face is of slightly noble bearing; a beauty fairly common to those kissed by the sun.

Siomir wears blues accented with golds and subtle greens; traditional colours of the Sun Elves. Though he has gone through several coats since the time of finding his new tailor, the same fashion holds; a long, open coat over top a buttoned shirt and fitting pants, with sturdy, knee-high boots and a scarf that often acts as a hood.

It is uncommon but not rare knowledge these days that Siomir grew up alone in Silverymoon. Unaware of any family roots or ties, given only a name, Dy'ner, and no trace of what it meant to him. He found instruction under the wing of one of the Spellguard; Elanor, whom he speaks of fondly and perhaps with a hint of caution. The naming of his familiar is quite unrelated, he assures those that ask. Apparently a staunch perfectionist, Elanor has passed this trait to her student.

Siomir is calmer upon return from his long sojourn. Whatever worries once plagued him seem dispelled; his tinderbox temper, rare though it was to see, and self-scorning ego laid to rest.

Leading the Circle of Seven Stars; a magi group based in the Library of Seven Stars, squirreled away in Old Town, Essembra. Siomir is the new and very recent owner of the building, after Garius, the old owner, was found absent for an extended period.

Though a powerful enough Wizard in his own right, Siomir once surrounded himself with a small handful of companions. A half-orc Uthgardt, a green-scaled elf, a lavender-haired huntress-to-be, a golden-armoured knight and a wood elf druid could often enough be counted among them, though these figures seem long gone. Now, the Wizard either keeps to himself in his library tower, ventures out into the woods or trades conversations at the campfire.

He seems familiar with many of the older faces in Essembra.

He is said to have been involved in the capture and further questioning of the Elven archer responsible for threatening villages around the Dales.

It is safe by now to say that the Wizard has been away from Essembra, perhaps even the Dales, for quite some time. Sporadic sightings of a blue coat and the smell of ink, parchment and pressed flowers are all that new arrivals have to know the elf by. Absent for several months at a time only to appear for a single day, then be gone again; surely the explanation lies in Teleportation?

The Elf is often seen hanging around his library tower, making a quiet nuisance of himself by rifling through tome after tome without end. Siomir seems to be in no hurry to get anywhere.

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