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Race Moon Elven
Gender Female
Age Early Elven Adulthood
Place of Origin Waterdeep
Occupation Adventurer, Fortuneteller
Patron Deity Unkown
Affiliations The Essembran Guild of Alchemists
Status Missing

Sarunielle Lenoliath

Always outwardly childlike, Sarunielle looks to be well trenched in the adolescence of elf-hood. This is a common misconception. Sarunielle is, in actuality, a moon elven adult, standing at a height of four feet and ten inches. Sarunielle's pale tone is a gift from her father, but its flawless, porcelain quality is a trait from her mother's side. Sarunielle's hair is a soft pale blonde and is usually pulled up in the back where the ends give way to curls. In the front loose strands, too short for a proper tail, fall in front of her eyes. The young elf's eyes are almond shaped, as elven eyes tend to be, and a greyish green in hue.

Despite her childlike appearance, Sarunielle's behavior is a mix what she has learned from her immediate family. She can often times be crude or jovial in tone, now that she is used to her surroundings.

Sarunielle's clothing, while changing (sometimes drastically) in style, will always contain the same colors; the colors of the Lenoliath household. These colors are an array of blues, whites and silvers, though deep charcoals are also used as a base. Sarunielle is also often seen wearing a dusty black and blue cloak that sweeps the floor. More often than not, the hood of said mantle is drawn upwards. The young elf is rarely seen without a necklace, consisting of a simple brown woven cord. The coin dangling upon the cord is of much more elaborate make. It glimmers with the silvery blue of cold-forged mithril, and is stamped on one side with a stylized heart, and on the other with a clover leaf. Around the edges of the large coin are etched the words “Ceela,” “Cynyn,” and “Sylaeny,” in a tiny, flowing hand.

In addition to these, Saru can sometimes be seen with a clear gem, the size of an elven pinky finger, embedded into her forehead. The gem has a single black swirling line running through it. Sometimes, the gem is not visible to the normal eye at all, but instead embedded beneath the skin. Those accustomed to Elven lore would recognize it as a Kiira.

Recently, a tattoo has been added to Sarunielle's distinguishing features. It depicts a pair of wings drawn in sharp, 'tribal' patterns that cover her back. Between where the wings come to a tip, the Abyssal word for “Monster” can be found.

Refined as Sarunielle has been taught to be, she often falters, smirking, laughing, and making crude jokes. Emotions are also not unknown to her, with anger being the one to slip through more easily than the others. When angered, Sarunielle's tone will obtain a viper's bite; a poisonous edge, and her comments will contain the intention to hurt.

The young girl is also quite prone to pacing.

Little is currently known about Sarunielle's history. She makes it no secret that she hails from a house of wizards that were once located in the villas of Waterdeep, and that her full name is Sarunielle Elroethial Asantiani Lenoliath. Those familiar with the area may or may not know of the surname Lenoliath, and the oddities the name entails. Sarunielle seems quick to mention the fact that her magical focuses are the result of her parents' training; with her mother being versed in the ways of the school of Illusion, and her father Divination, though those that know her best would recognize a budding affinity for other schools as well. In combat, she seems to favor Abjuration over Evocation. Beyond these tidbits, little is currently spoken of herself, her family, or her reasons for arriving in the Dales.

Sarunielle is officially affiliated with The Essembran Guild of Alchemists, as their Senior Alchemist. She can also be seen spending time with a variety of individuals who make up the adventuring population of the Dales.

Claims state that the young elf is also known as the Ol'Samryn or 'Trusted Mage' of Bersk Stoneblood, and by extension, his clan. Rumors insist that she is perhaps set for the title of Dwarf Friend in the near future. For her part, she considers Bersk as a father figure.

Though her dislike for her own race was once readily apparent, Sarunielle seems to be spending more time around her elven brethren; particularly the Druid Lerin, and more so still the archer Soluafin.

Rue has been rumored to be present for, or at the center of, many adventuring accomplishments. It is a well known fact that she was responsible for the defeat of the evil mage Baelmastifas, who was slaughtering children of The People. More recently, she has, with a group of adventurers, delved into Aencar's haunted Keep to retrieve the control device of three iron golems so that they could march in the battle against Xalanthros.

During the giant's plaguing of Mistledale, Sarunielle managed , with the help of Chelsea and Ridlyn, to turn orc and giant against one another, to thin the giant forces for the other marching groups. Rue was also said to have been present to lend her aid in the defeat of MadAxe, a dark force haunting Glen.

Rumors far darker, though, exist of the girl, and there are still those who would whisper of Fey'Ri heritage. Sarunielle has openly dismissed these claims.

Sarunielle is said to offer her abilities as an alchemist or a card reader to any who can pay the price, and seems highly interested in all forms of lore; though her focus seems to be in Folktales, and Feylore.

Sarunielle has been missing for nearly two months, and none are currently privy to her whereabouts. Her spell book, along with other prized belongings, however, were not removed from her room in the Guild of Alchemists; suggesting foul play.

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