Race Human
Gender Male
Age Mid-20s
Place of Origin Shadowdale
Occupation Ex-Farmer-Turned-Warrior
Patron Deity Shaundakul
Affiliations Mailed Mantle
Status Shirtless

Ronald Fairfax

Ron stands at just over six feet tall and, though young for adults of his kind, he boasts a muscular physique and an apparently semi-permanent tan from many seasons of manual labour under the sun. Sporting a scruffy mop of wavy brown hair and warm brown eyes, Ron is prone to cracking a smile and issuing hearty guffaws at the slightest provocation. When he speaks, it is with a thick Dales accent and a surprisingly bass rumble for his age.

Originally from Shadowdale, Ron grew quickly tired of tending to the family farm and set out into the world to prove that he could make something of himself. He dreams of returning home one day, after tales of his exploits have already reached his family's ears, and smugly rubbing it in their faces that he managed to avoid the life of drudgery that they told him was the best he could hope for.

Ron has pledged himself to Lord Jarath Burlisk, ruler of Battledale, and has joined his personal retinue, the Mailed Mantle.

  • Reputed to have gone into battle in nothing but his trousers (at the behest of one Zabrena Haph) he earned himself the moniker 'Shirtless Ron'.
  • He's said to have been part of the group of adventurers that returned 'Sparky' Corremack from the clutches of evil Talos-worshippers (or at least, that's how he tells it).
  • He helped to retrieve The Mace that ultimately proved the legitimacy of Jarath Burlisk's claim to the Lordship of Battledale and accepted a powerful weapon from the Abbey of the Sword and a position in the Mailed Mantle as his reward.