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Race Human (Chondathan)
Gender Male
Age 19 (Young Adult)
Place of Origin Cormyr
Occupation Magical Researcher, Alchemist, Abjurer
Patron Deity Mystra
Status Alive

Nethos Aetherseer

A human 5' 47'' feet high, slender about 130 lbs. His hair has a dark brown colour as the bark of an oak tree. His pale skin reveals that this man, although young in age, must have spent much time indoors possibly studying.

Besides his young age his eyes indicate profound wisdom. Should someone spent enough time with him he quickly realizes that Nethos is clearly observing his suroundings as if he is taking notes on everything with his mind.

This man always carries with him a leather bag. His belt accomodates dozens of small vials, some filled with plant parts, other empty and others filled with bizzare substances.

Nethos was born in 1355 DR (year of the harp) in Tilverton. His magical powers were apparent upon reaching the age of 3 during the Time of Troubles. When he was of the appropriate age his his father, a former war wizard, begun to teach him the secrets of the Arcane Art, herbal magic and alchemy due to Nethos's interest in potionmaking. While his father was teaching him the ways of Mystra, his mother, a noble's daughter from Suzail always tried to make her family learn aristocartic manners. His father and Mentor died during the destruction of Tilverton trying to defend his home, so that the rest of his family could move out of the city in safety. The Aetherseer family moved to Suzail while Nethos decided to find a new mentor among the famous arcanists of the dalelands.

Nethos is secretive about his associations

  • Nethos has an almost unforgetable gaze.
  • Nethos is usually visiting the woods of southern Cormanthor. As the time goes by he spends more and more time in the forest
  • Nethos Aetherseer will identify magical items for free.
  • Nethos has fallen in love with a dryad. If asked he tries to change subject
  • Nethos is seen accompanied by creatures of the Nether Planes. Nethos denies such a rumour

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