Create a Character Page

To create a character page, type your character name in the box below to create a character page. You can then edit and save your page, and update it as your character's story develops.

Make sure you use your character's in-game name, even if they use an alias or do not go by their full name in-game.

You are not allowed to add pages

Character Page Rules and Help

  • Do read Creating Character Pages for a guide to filling out the template1).
  • Don't create pages for characters you haven't played on the server yet.2)
  • Don't create a page and leave it empty3). Fill out as much as you can when you make a page.
  • Don't change the template on your character's page.4) The template is there for a reason.
  • Don't write your character's entire life story. If it is common knowledge, keep it brief here!5)
  • Don't include mechanical information (such as stats or skill ranks and even alignment).

Also see How To & Help for general use help, and Syntax for info about formatting syntax
It is recommended that you play your character for a while before creating a page, so that we avoid having pages full of characters who have been played very little and become inactive.
Empty character pages will be deleted.
This includes changing the infobox size, or removing ?250 from the line where your character's portrait image should be displayed, changing the headings, or altering the infobox headings
Full life stories go on the Character Bio board, or send to a DM if it includes sensitive information.