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Race Wood Elf
Gender Female
Age 120
Occupation Sword of the Forest Queen
Patron Deity Mielikki
Affiliations None
Status Alive

Lyssariel Veste

Lyssariel stands roughly five feet and eight inches tall and her build is best described as slender yet toned. Her flowing brown hair always seems silky smooth and exquisitely shiny & falls just past shoulder length. Her calm brown eyes seem to hold equal measures of warmth and resilience. Around her left wrist she wears a silver bracelet inlaid with semi precious stones in the image of Mielikki, the Forest Queen.

This elf carries a great variety of weapons & some might question if she has too many for their encumbrance! A finely crafted greatsword of dark metal is strapped to her back and she bears a sheathed scimitar at each hip: one is a scabbard of silver and mithril and the other in a sheathe of forest green leather. A small lightly glowing mace hangs next to the latter scimitar and a fine elven bow hangs from her green and brown backpack.